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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Resolutions

Between the Lines will use the TeachersFirst Question of the Week for this week's blog entry. I recommend TeachersFirst as a great resource site for teachers!) Please post your own resolutions as responses to this blog or go to the URL below and post to the TeachersFirst page.

This week's Question:
A new year brings new opportunities for you, your school, and your students. What resolutions do you wish for yourself, your school, your students, and/or their families as we begin 2007?

I wish for 2007 schools around the world find stuff that would interest kids to want to go to school. I want myself to find things that really interest me. Schools need to show kids that it is going to help them by providing interviews with people who made it in life. JG

This year for a resolution I am committed to losing 30 pounds before I'm discharged from this program. Also, I would like to stay in contact with my family and build a better relationship with my counselor. JR

What I want for the new year is for me not to get in any trouble. I want to go through 2007 without getting myself in any trouble with the law. I would also like for me and my familiy to have a better relationship and for my guardian to be able to gain some trust in me. Basically, I want to have a good productive year. RW

My new year resolution is to be a better person than what I was the past couple of years. But, from the past is when a person prepares for the future and one of them is to be a good father to my kids and to be a family man instead of getting locked up every time I get out from doing time. I would like to be the best I have ever been and go home to my family and get my GED. CA

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snow is as common as dirt and self-worth is like money.


No two snowflakes are the same in any way. Bentley took an idea and made it his dream and it helped him take a picture of the snowflakes. No matter how bad you’re down or in trouble, it will all come out in the end. CR

No two snowflakes are the same. Creative thinking is what you think is special to you. Self worth will make you feel better instead of money. GS

The design of snowflakes is never ending. As long as you stick by it you will achieve what you dream. You will die happy. JG

No two snowflakes are alike. Creative thinking is something you can do if you just put your mind to it. You have to believe in yourself to do things in life. RW

No two snowflakes are alike. You can be rich with satisfaction. What is important depends upon yourself and what it is worth to you. DW

No two snowflakes are the same. Creative thinking can touch people about great things that people wouldn’t ever think about. If you think it’s worth it then go for it and don’t worry about everyone else. TS

There are no two snowflakes alike. If something seems possible it can be done. Plus, you have to use your mind. If you think it’s right, go with it. JR

I learned about the beauty of snow crystals and the different shapes. I learned that if you have talent, show it to the world. I learned about self worth that I can do my best and to not hide anything from any body. CA

No two snowflakes are alike Everyone thinks in different ways. Everyone has a different meaning of self worth. JT

No two snowflakes are alike. To find out something new, you have to go beyond what other people think. You have to believe in yourself in order to meet your goals. SS

No snow crystals are alike. Bentley took an idea of science and did what he loved and put it into creativity. Even though you may not be rich, you may still love what you do. MW

Bentley studied a lot about snowflakes. He just was learning about snowflakes. Bentley was announced a genius. His stuff was not proven until 50 years after his death. I learned that if you really study that one thing in your mind you can make it worth a lot. AB

I learned that snow crystals are small. I learned that what Bentley did was creative. I learned that what you do means something. CC

I learned that each snow crystal has its own patterns. If you use your creativity more people than yourself will be interested. I learned that sometimes that may not attract others could please you in many ways. AV

I learned that when you catch a snow crystal that you will lay it on a black board and take a photo of it. You could have so many crystals and make art out of it and you could do anything you put your mind to. If you learn about a subject more you would be able to succeed in your projects of art. DJ

I learned that no two snow crystals are alike. If you use creative thinking it will get you somewhere. I learned that self worth is when you do something if you practice you will make it perfect. ML

I learned that no two snow crystals are alike. They are all different. I learned that any person can do anything just as long as he or she puts their mind to it. I learned that a person can feel better about themselves. TM

I learned that snow crystals were discovered by Snowflake Bentley. You can put your mind to anything and accomplish anything you want. Put the best effort in which it comes and take your time with it. HO

I learned that snow is as common as dirt. Creative thinking is a miracle. It is a special way of thinking. Self worth is something like money. AC

I learned that there are no snow crystals that look alike. Creative thinking is thinking and putting effort and imagination into your thinking. Anything you put your mind to can become something if you practice it and don’t give, it may become a fortune. BS

I learned that no two snow crystals are alike. Creative thinking comes from a passion that you have for something. Self worth is how you think of yourself. WL

I learned that no two snowflakes are alike. It took Bentley a lifetime and he put his mind to it and never gave up. H took something he was interested in and stuck with it. Bentley believed in himself and he knew he could do it. I learned if you put your mind to something you can do anything. DP

I learned that snow crystals are never alike but are also snow flakes. I learned that through creative thinking you can find natural beauty everywhere, but it doesn’t last forever. I learned self worth is satisfaction with what you’re doing even if you are not rich. AA

I learned that there are no two snowflakes that are the same. You can have a creative mind if you can think really hard about things. People like myself think we are very valuable when it comes to certain things. LW

None of the snowflakes are the same. I also learned snow is as common as dirt. I learned that a creative thought can get you far in achievements even if other people don’t think so. I learned that you can be poor with money but rich with satisfaction. HZ

I learned that there are no two snow crystals that are alike. I learned that if you are persistent and follow up with your thoughts it will work out. I learned that if you are happy with yourself and your activities it doesn’t matter how much money you have. KS

There are no two snow crystals alike. I learned that if you are persistent you can accomplish a lot. I learned that winter snowflakes are a nice thing to look at. IH

There are no two snow flakes that are the same. I learned that if you put your mind to something you can do anything. I learned that the snow flake man liked taking pictures of snow flakes. RM

Monday, December 18, 2006

Snowflake Bentley

Snowflake Bentley (Wilson Bentley – 1865-1931)

What did you learn about snow crystals?
What did you learn about creative thinking?
What did you learn about self-worth?

Eye on Our Atmosphere - WBZTV
This video clip is a segment on Bentley
Aired in January 2003 on WBZ Ch 4 in Boston.

The WBZ 4 Weather Team takes you beyond the forecast. Meteorologist Mish Michaels and a team of producers bring our atmosphere to life through fascinating science stories on an array of weather topics.

The Snowflake Man--Step back in time to learn about the man who taught us that "no two snowflakes are alike." We travel to Jericho, Vermont to recreate the life of a simple, self-educated farmer that took amazing pictures of snowflakes (still found on many products today) and after decades of work, became known the world over as the "Snowflake Man."

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Brings Martin, illustrated by Mary Azarian

Snowflakes in Motion Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley

DISCLAIMER: Not everyone got the same information from the same video, although everyone watched the same video! Some also may have read the picture book. The statements that follow are from my students. Some are very insightful and the others are not my fault!!! BJB


I learned that 6 point crystals are called snow. I also learned that Bentley thinks of crystals as miracles. Snow crystals have six branches and some have three. I learned about creative thinking that you can put your mind on the littlest thing and do lots with it. It’s all in how you put effort toward something. Anything can be made fun if you have a good imagination. What I learned about self worth is that if you enter your time to something and it is fun and takes up time it will help you feel good inside like you’re worth something. DG

I learned that snow crystals not one is the same. I learned that creative thinking gives character. And it helps people to discover things in life. Self worth is how you feel about yourself. And if you think you’re worth something or not. Bentley did not have any support. So, if you believe and have self worth, you will accomplish things in life. DR

I learned that snow crystals are very tiny and have beautiful shapes that can only be seen through a microscope. I learned that creative thinking is very useful and that it opens more doors, more opportunities. Creative thinking is a way to do something many different ways. I also learned that self worth is believing in yourself and getting stuff done that you believe in yourself enough to accomplish your dreams. JM

I learned there are no two snow crystals alike and that all of them are different in shape and size. I learned that if you really have a creative mind that you discover things such as the snow flakes or anything. I learned that self worth will help you think that you are helping the world but also it will give you spare time to make those moves happen. AG

I learned that no two snow crystals are the same. If you think you can do something then you have a good value of self worth. RR

I learned that not all snowflakes are the same. I learned that anything if possible if you put your mind to it. I learned that I am like a snowflake because I’m not the same as anyone. MM

I learned that snow crystals are all different shapes and sizes. With creative thinking you can think of anything and do anything by thinking of it first. If you don’t have self worth then you are worthless/seemed worthless. CJ

I learned that no snowflakes are alike. Anything can be done through perseverance. You can die without money, but if you do something great you are rich to yourself! NH

I learned that Bentley was interesting. No snowflakes are alike. Everything’s got art in it and if you stick your mind to it you can do art too. Bentley did what he did for not much money. He loved what he did. ME

No two snowflakes are alike. It’s good to be creative and think about new things. You’re not the same as anyone! JR

All snowflakes come in different shapes and sizes. You can learn a lot of things if you put your mind to it. Just like snowflakes, we as people are not the same. NM

All snowflakes are not the same. If you set your mind on something that you can work on a good thing and get rich. You are not the same as everybody else. AF

You can catch snowflakes on a black try. Most crystals had six branches. All snowflakes are different. You can bring an idea out and become famous for it. A lot of people will respect me for my ideas that I come up with. MP

Snowflakes all come in different shapes. You can also take photos of snow. Creative thinking can get you far in life. Everyone has creativity, you just need to learn how to use it. Self worth is when you say that you are worth something because of something you did. PO

Wilson Bentley discovered snow crystals and made a lot of them. All you got to do is just don’t give up and keep trying. You don’t need to tell everybody that you are rich and he kept it to himself. ID

I learned that they have Bentley’s work at a museum. Wilson Bentley died of pneumonia and he was a poor man. He attended school. He picked apple blossoms and took them to his mother. TD

Friday, December 15, 2006

Closing Comments and Some Conversation Starters

I show people my values by displaying honesty, courage, and friendship. I am the type of person that will help anyone out in a time of need. I am a person of understanding and will listen to friends and family. JM

When I value peace I want every problem to be resolved. When I value love I want love from everybody around. When I value respect I’ll like respect to give respect. When I value my self-worth I value my self being locked up, but in the future I see myself getting a chance. My respect for the community is helping them out whenever they need help or by talking to them about any problem. My love for my family is always being there for them no matter what in the future and my peace is live in a place of only peace. CA

I show my values by acting like a civilized black young man. I value respect and love by showing consideration of others. If someone does not like me I reach my hand out to them to help them out no matter what they do or how I feel. AC

PEACE: I show this kind of value by leaving and getting away from all the negative things and people. RESPECT: When I show this value is when I see that the other person or people respect me, my family and my things. SELF-WORTH: The way I do this is by doing what I got to do, and start doing the right things like stop getting locked up and go to school and graduate. LOVE: The way I show this to my family and friends is when I do things for them and show them that I care for them and love them until we split apart. DJ

If we use this blog topic as an assessment tool, what do you feel the writers are demonstrating? Do you think that they understand what was meant by “living your values?” Do you think that the writers were able to share what they DO to demonstrate their values? Do you feel they are able to communicate their ideas, their hopes, their dreams, their future plans in a clear and concise way?

Your comments are greatly appreciated. An authentic audience opinion is valued by my students and your comments are taken quite seriously!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Do you think we all live our values the same way?

I show my values in a different way than most people. I show unconditional love to my mother and friends by doing anything they need I’ll help them with it. By peace I show peace by stopping conflicts but by that I mean I’ll try to have peace with my enemies just the same as my friends. I show respect to other people by believing their core beliefs. And self-worth cause I believe everyone’s heart if they mean it. I think they mean it no matter what. KJ

I show my values by giving all the respect I can give to my family cause they mean a lot to me and I want to be as happy as ever cause I try to work hard at school and at the cottage so I can go back to my family cause that’s my biggest value. ET

I show all of these values by living my life day to day. I don’t really ever contemplate doing things, I just do it. I show a lack of respect to the police, but other than that, I live my life by these values. BP

PEACE: The way I show peace to people I don’t fight or shove. LOVE: The way I show love to my people is by looking out for them and talking to them. RESPECT: The way I show my respect to my people is by not looking at them wrong or shouting at them. SELF-WORTH: That is to me how I eat, look, and dress up that is self worth to me respecting myself. MP

The way I show people love is I’m there when they need me and I help them when they need help. I never promise them nothing I can’t accomplish. I dedicate time for them and show them love. I show people respect if they earn it from me the way I show them that is they ask me for help I will help them. I won’t never step on their feet. OL

Our golden rule is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. It’s hard for me to do that because a lot of people don’t like to treat others the way they treat me. People are ignorant. They don’t like talking to you about a situation they would rather start a problem with you by starting some type of rumor or argument. We would all be better if we were all humble. PO

I show the values in these ways because for peace I and not a fighter, I’m a lover. I don’t cause problems unless it is in self defense. I show it in love because I show caring and help my family and girl out as much as I can in many different ways. I give respect to everyone who shows it to me. So you gotta do upon others for the do you. Self-worth: I show because I tell and let people know I am worth something no matter what anybody says. NM

I remember a time when I had peace and a kid started picking on my little brother. And besides me beating him up I put it to the side. I was in love once with a girl named Jenny T. but I moved and I never saw her again. I always give respect to a person only if they don’t disrespect me. Self-worthy is what I am. I do what I got to do to get out of here. AF

I show values of respect by not playing with someone when they aren’t in the mood. I show values of self-worth by how I present myself and how I act in public and around my friends. I show value of love by how I interact with my girl cause she is my queen and I’ll die for her. NH

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Living my values...

I show my value of peace when somebody I don’t like is getting hurt I stick up for them. When I show my value of love it is with my family because no matter what they do they are still my family and I will always love them. I usually always respect older people and anybody else who respects me. My value of self-worth is me learning and caring for what the community does for each other and how me and my family do for each other and anybody else. RM

In my community even though I hustle and do things that bring the community down I still show these values. When I’m out on the streets it is hard to show peace but I try by trying to resolve conflicts for other people by talking to them or compromising. I show love to the community by helping out the young boys with money so they can eat or do whatever with it. I also encourage them to play sports and stay in school. I treat them as if they were my own kids. I show respect by keeping things orderly and as safe as possible for everybody. I also try to keep the block clean and clear of any drug paraphernalia such as needles and baggies cause kids and the other people don’t need to be seeing that cause it’s dangerous and plus that stuff brings cops. I show self-worth by looking towards a way to help my community get better. These are the values I show in my community. SS

Most of the time I value my family. I respect and love them more than anything. I don’t trust a lot of people so it’s hard for me to have these feelings towards others. I look at it this way…if someone goes out of their way to show me some respect, I’ll respect them back. DP

There are many ways we show our values toward family, peers and community. For example, my family always gets together on Christmas and share feelings and gifts. Christmas is an important day for my whole family. With my peers, we simply value life and electronics. For example x-box and a computer. Me and my friends sit down sometimes and play x-box for a long while. The community is a hard thing to think of values I share. Well, one value I can think of is the 4th of July. The community gathers around at the park and some other locations to watch the fireworks. HZ

When I show my values, I do it for myself. I do it in everyday life. I don’t force it onto others. People respect me because of my morals. It’s the principle of it. I pass it on to younger lads like myself. I explain it to them so they can keep my legacy going…and going…and going! I think I show love because of the extra care I put into daily things like my job as a janitorial helper at the youth development center. I just love the smiling faces when you help them. DW

PEACE: When I have a problem with someone I don’t resort to fighting. I try to think of a way that we can both get what we want and still be happy. LOVE: When the people that I love make mistakes or do something that I don’t approve of I don’t shut them out. I try to help them by telling them how they could have done something a different way. RESPECT: When people tell me to do things or tell me their opinions I don’t tell them they are wrong or don’t do what they ask. I do what they ask me and I listen to their opinions. SELF-WORTH: I really don’t have self worth, but I have been trying. JT

I have found a new meaning to life with my new set of values. It gives a whole different meaning to how I go about my life. It’s not just for myself. I help others that need my insight as well. People these days don’t really know what values are anymore and I think it’s sad. I respect elders even though they tell you things you don’t want to hear. I apply peace throughout the day because what kind of day is it without peace? JG

I use these values every day in my life. The reason I say this is because for Peace I usually if not always tend to care for others rather than being selfish and only worrying and caring for me. I’ve learned to do this in life because it tends to go farther than just showing peace. I think if we have peace, which I do, then respect comes a lot easier also. For me though I think I gain respect from others as much as I give them. I show respect by showing people it for being who they are not by their actions. Everyone deserves respect even if you don’t agree or like the person. Love to me is one of my most valued values. I believe I show this at times because it seems to me that occasionally I seem to end up loving someone or my community too much and tend to leave myself out of the picture. I help others, pull them through the rough times and before I know it I’m trapped. Last of the values is self-worth. I use this to reach my goals that I know I must to succeed. I put all my thoughts and courage into things I want to do to make a better life and don’t give up until I reach them. To me this is how I demonstrate these values. TS

Honestly, I don’t think that I show peace or self-worth. I really don’t care to learn anything new or want to put aside problems with people. I think I show some love. Some people are not among them, but a few because I always do things for them no matter what they ask and I still care for them no matter what they do. I also think that I show some respect for some few people mainly just the ones I love because I care about what they think and say but for most people I could care less what anyone has to say to me. JY

A way I use peace in my family is I do as I’m told so that everything moves along in my house. Another way I use peace in the community is doing the things that abide by the law. A way I use love is to show that I care about my mom and the rest of my family. I respect people in general by treating them as I would like to be treated also by using manners. I demonstrate self-worth by keeping my appearance clean and watching the way I talk to my elders also by acting accordingly. JR

I use these values in my everyday life. I use them to show my family that I care about them. I don’t think there is a day in my life I haven’t used these values. Everyone uses values in their everyday life. They make up who and what we are about. I do this by listening to what others have to say and I take it into consideration. I show them respect and love. RW

I show the values of peace sometimes, but sometimes I can be annoying. I show love to the people in my community by helping them out, but when I commit crimes I do not show my community anything but harm and disrespect. I show respect because I want to get it. I show respect to all of my peers so I can make very good friends in the future. I should expect other people if I want to get respect from other people. I respect myself because I know what I should do and what I shouldn’t do. If I respect myself I will make it very far in my life. It is kind of sad when you see people that do not have any respect for themselves at all. LW

How I show my values is: I give and I get a lot of respect from people no matter what because I’m a loving person and I’m trying very hard to go home. Most of all I am a peaceful person by helping people out. AC

I show values by doing what I’m told and to show bravery and courage. I do it for the best interests of my staying out of trouble. Values that I show are respect and get a discipline that is why I use values. HG

My value is being respectful. Showing people that I respect them by treating them how they want to be and they will do the same too. Another value is love for people that I cherish. Showing some type of love for them no matter what they do. BS

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My values for the Tree of Values


How I show my values with peers when I interact with them and work on peer relations so I can become a better person and become more vocal. In my community I show my values by helping the community do what needs to be done and before I got locked up I wasn't thinking of the community and groups here help me think and internalize the things I need to do. When I show my values with my family I do it every day because I love, Respect my family with all my heart and I would never put them in harm's way. My values are shown every day for my family. JF

My most important value is respect cause in order to get respect you got to give them respect even if you don't like them cause that isn't going to get you no where except for the fact you might get locked up. Like I say, you don't have to prove anything to anybody but yourself. You came here by yourself and you're going to leave by yourself, and 9 times out of 10 times you aren't going to see anybody when you go home. TM
[I'm looking forward to hearing comments to this post! BJB]

I show my value for peace by helping others when they need help. I show love when I take care of my girl and talk to her and tell her how I feel. Also, I love my family cause they help me throughout my life and I show it when trying to listen. I respect my friends and my family and cause they respect me I do the same. I think I have some self-worth cause I try to make things better for me and my life. I strive for a good life. SP

The way I can live my values is by following the golden rule and do what I want others to do to me. I can show the values of peace, love and respect by treating others nice and give my love and support to people and I can keep peace by staying away from the violence and just keeping the peace. BW

I show self-worth, respect, love and peace to my peers, community and family. I do things like listen to the rules and follow them. I respect what my family tells me to do. I respect my peers by giving them space. I show love to my family by doing things that show I care. MP

I show all of these values to my friends, girlfriend, siblings and uncles by hugging and talking to them when they have problems. I also leave them alone when they need their space. I respect their opinion, their thoughts and their time. If I ask them to do something, I wait and give them time to do the task. Also, I show them appreciation and thankfulness. CG

I demonstrate these traits in many ways, mainly towards the people I love. I use peace by putting people before myself and take into consideration their feelings. I use love to the fullest. To me love is a very strong feeling and it can be hurtful if betrayed. I know the feeling so I show my love and never let people feel any other way. I show respect for everyone till I feel disrespected. I show respect by treating others the way I want to be treated. Last, but not least, self-worth - by striving for the best and knowing that there is a lot out there for me to learn. CS

I live the values of respect and self-worth by following the golden rule and I like to learn stuff for my heart and my mind. I learn in my own way and I respect the differences of other people and how they learn. RR

Tree of Values

Every color,
Every creed,
Every God,
Every need,
Every Bounty,
Every gift,
Let the strong
The weaker lift.
Let the wars
Forever cease.
Bless this tree,
Its name is


– When we value peace we are willing to put aside selfish feelings and work with others to resolve conflict.

– When we value love we unconditionally accept and care deeply for others, even though we may not approve of their behavior.

– When we value respect we show consideration for others.

– When we value Self-worth we strive for lifelong learning in our hearts and minds.

BLOG ENTRY FOR 12/12/06-12/22/06

We live our values. How do you show the values of Peace, Love, Respect, and Self-worth in your relationships with peers, your community, and your family?

End of the Road

The boys wrote these reflections after reading the comments that were submitted to the previous Posting. The comments had a powerful impact on the students. Your words can change lives! Please continue to give us feedback on this and future topics. BJB

I think that the road less taken is something that should be taken seriously. If everyone took the easy way in life they wouldn’t be learning stuff the way that if the people taking the hard way and the hard way would also be the safer way. RR

The poem effected me because of me making the right choices. And if I make the wrong choices then I will be locked back up. I don’t want that. I want to show my nephew that I am a good uncle no matter what my family says about me. I don’t want my nephew/kids to follow in my footsteps. And have the life I didn’t have. CG

I think the poem is good cause it touched me. I think that if you make the right choices it will get you somewhere, but if you don’t, in the long run you will end up where you don’t want to be. And when you’re older you’re going to think about the stuff you did and how you could of done better. So it’s always right to make the right choices in life. ET

It relates to me because I have made some bad choices and when I got out of here I’m going to make some good choices for now the bad thing I did like have guns, selling drugs, and that hurt a lot of people like my peoples that I love because I’m having kids and I not be there for them so I can see them being born. DP

The way that this relates to my life is that for around four years I was taking all the wrong paths. I took so many wrong paths I was eventually lost. Now I’m here and this place set me back on the right path that I could not find. Now it is just a matter of staying on this path. MS

This poem has to do with me and my choices that I make because no matter what path I take I will have to make a choice. It will either be a good path or a bad path. I have chosen to make wrong paths in my past. I plan on changing. It won’t be easy to pick the right path, but with me thinking before I act it would help me so I don’t end up taking a bad path like the one I have already chosen. PO

The road I didn’t take was the positive road. Why? Because when I was young I had to do things to get money to help my family. And when I started hustling to help mainly my mom to pay the bills and things like that. When all that took place I knew it was wrong but I had to do it. I wasn’t thinking of my victims. That’s one of the wrong roads I took. JF

The road that I took has not been good. I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life. I want to make money the easy way even if I realize that it is going to take me down or in jail I still do it. But now that I have been isolated for the fourth time, I think I need to straighten my life up. I am still young, 17 years old, so I got a chance to change the road that I have been taking. Also I effected my family a lot and that I won’t want to do any more. SP

This poem relates to me because I had made some bad and some good choices in the past, but I am locked up now because I made a bad choice. But now I am trying to change that bad choice so I could have a better future and learn from my mistakes so I won’t end up locked up again. OL

It relates to my choices because the choices I made were bad and got me here. If I don’t make right choices in the future I will have a troubled life. By doing things different that I didn’t do in my past by thinking before I act and thinking about the consequences. NM

The road not taken relates to me by the road I took was a better choice but still I end up locked here in a placement. All I try doing is living my life and due to were I live it’s hard for me to be one out of five black kids where I live and it is very racist. Right now the crimes that were committed were done by a lot of kids supposedly and I am the only one locked up. EE

This poem relates to my life because I did have a path to choose and the wrong one and now I start going to try to take education seriously and have a better future. NH

This poem does relate to me because I have made bad choices and didn’t really think about the consequences. Sometimes things in life are not easy. In the future I will learn to make the right choices. Making bad choices has a consequence to suffer for it. In my life I will choose the right path and do what I have to do to get out and stay out. AF

This poem relates to me because I don’t choose what I am going to do before I do it and that is why the poem relates to me. Because I always choose the wrong way because I don’t like to behave for anybody. And I never wanted to do anything right. RM

I can relate to it in may ways I have made many bad choices and learnt from them looking back on the choices I made that I had poor decision making. In the future I plan to better my life. When I get back out on the streets hustling, carrying guns and all are going to be my last resort cause my family is more important. JM

Since I came here I see the mistake I was making in the past with my decision and all the person affects with the stuff I was doing. Now I realized that a lot of people are waiting and dependant for me to get out of here and start working and go to college so I can be something productive for my family and community now as when I see that. I also learn in here the only friends we have are our parents and relatives because when you are in a place like this nobody cares about you. This is the other stuff I can see about this poem. SC

This relates to my choices I’ve made in my life because there’s always two ways and each choice makes more possibilities. I also need to learn about consequences for my choice. In the future I need to make better decisions so I don’t end up back in the system or worse. I need to follow the right path, not the evil or wrong path. The poem described how we as people have to decide which is the tricky path or the right moral path. KJ

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Frost in Rap Mode!

I’ve chosen to copy this writing as is. If you need a translation, let me know ;-) BJ

A the age 8 never no what life was about?
Strees is a path they give with out no dalt.
And it hard to think about when God calls my name
And I wish I coud think a way to maintain
Or a way where I don’t have to go tru a lot of PAIN
Whan you think about your fear your heart start beating
But when you getting ready to face your fears
Your heart stop beating.

And it’s hard to tell God
That I can’t maket but
In the future if it’s something that is goin to help
I’ll taket!


Back to the narrative entries:

How does this poem from Robert Frost relate to the choices you made in the past and the choices your gonna make in the future? To me it relates because I had the potential to do the good things and hang out with the right crowd, but I took the wrong road. I think I will learn to look the right way next time. JM

This means to me you have two choices in life: the wrong road and the right road. I chose the wrong road apparently and now I have to take the right road. So now that I have the right road in my sight, I can put all the hustling and all the other stuff I was involved in [behind me]. So now I just gotta stay on the right road. JR

This poem relates to the choices we made and the choices we will make because for each decision we come upon there are choices and that is what the roads represent. The easy way which is the road that has been traveled more and the longer way, the way that will take more work. That is the road that was traveled less. I think that the road is traveled less because people always want to take the easy way. JT

It tells me in life not to do the same things that everyone else does. Make your own decisions and don’t follow the footsteps of others. Do something different instead of always choosing the same path everyone else does to get the easy way out. RW

This poem relates to me because I’ve had a couple forks in the road, and have taken one route, now wondering how my life will be if I had taken the other. My decision making chose the wrong road I’ve taken. Now I wonder how it woud feel if I’ve taken the other. Then again, I think I’m at the beginning of the fork still deciding which way I’m going to head. And I’m going to try my best to head toward the way to success. So I won’t have to worry or think what it would be like if I were to take the other. IH

This poem relates to me and the choices I made because of the road I choose. I could have taken a different path that would not have led me to getting locked up. I took the wrong road instead and ended up in here. In the future I will choose a different road so I can have a better future and not affect other people at the same time. AA

I feel as though this pertains to my everyday life in many ways. The most important thing that I receive from the poem is that it’s inevitable that you are going to have to make choices in your life or be faced with a troubling dilemma. And most of the time there is an easy way out but the easy way usually isn’t the right way so pick the right path. KS

The poem “The road Not Taken” relates to me because I chose the wrong road. I chose the bad road that led me here. And in doing that, I stuck a big roadblock in the middle of my life. Next time, when I get out, I want to take the good one. I want to go to school and graduate and go to college. DP

One main choice that affected my choices for me was getting out the gun and loading it. But the thing is from doing something negative I got something positive coming out of it rather than all negatives. Now, from this choice people look at me and think that I’m crazy and that I should be dead. But I deal with the criticism and I’m going to be living a straight life when I get released. I’m going to be going to schools and talking to kids about firearm safety and about being locked up. WL

Well I want to play sports when I get older or if that don’t work out then my back up plan is to work with young juveniles in placement to help them get their life together. What I don’t want for my future is for me to go to jail for a long time for getting busted with drugs and stuff. My young life started out rough getting in trouble when I was like eleven years old. I am eighteen now so I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I want to grow up and have children and be there for them and not be an unfit dad. I want to spend a lot of time with my children so we can live a good life and worship God cause my religion is important. I am a Christian. AB

Because the one road that I did take took me the wrong way and now I am here so in the future I will have the choice to take a different road or stay on the wrong road. The wrong road at first looked nice and easier, but in all reality, after a little while I took notice that the easy road ain't always the right one and sometimes at the end it may not be so easy or nice looking. JY

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Traveling on the Road Not Taken....

This relates to me because if I took different roads I would not be in the position I’m in and I would make better decisions in my lifetime. I am going to choose roads that no one else drives on so it’s fresh and no trouble lays upon me. AG

I can relate to the poem because I have made some bad choices and if I would have gone down a different road, then maybe I would not be here now. BP

How the poet’s choices to mine are that he made two choices. One could have been good, the other bad, but his choices were good. The difference is mine were bad choices. We always have more than one choice. The choices I will make in the future are gonna be better than the ones in the past. DR

This poem relates to me because I made a lot of positive and negative decisions in my life. But the only right thing to do is learn from your mistakes to make your life better and easier. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us (Emerson). That means what happened in the past stays in the past and what happens in the future is the future. The past you learned from. JH

I’ve made decisions like staying in school and deciding whether I want to get a GED or my diploma. They both take work and effort, but lead to different options. I decided on my diploma. The reason was it shows I went through every school year and didn’t take the easy way out. I will be able to be accepted in more than one college or there are more colleges that accept a diploma than a GED. I’ve already made choices according to the lifestyle I want to live. MP

This poem is related to me because in life you have choices and I chose to go on the wrong road which was not good for my future. But there is a turn around sign here at this road so now this is where I turn around and go back out and pick the other road which is a better life to live. JR

The poem relates to my choices cause I didn’t choose the path this is not hardly used. In my future I hope I will find the path. I will think of my victims and consequences before I choose any paths. MM

It does in a way cause if I would of followed the right road in the first place I wouldn’t be where I am at today. But, now that I know the right road, I will follow it and have success. CS

Well, it means to me that you too can strive in your life as well as don’t be a follower, be a leader. I got locked up for making the wrong choices and Loysville is a second chance to redeem myself and make it through life and take it to the future. TM

This relates to me because the things that I have done in the past were wrong. And it relates to me because I could change. Sometimes in life I do something wrong and I run away from my problems. And that is how the story is so that is how that story relates to me. What you do wrong in the past will effect your future. EP

It relates to me because the choices I make now will effect me in the future so I need to make a change now so my choices in the future can be positive and I can be successful in life. That’s how it relates to me. BW
I feel this relates to my choices because at some times I make bad choices that slow down my life and make me turn different ways and keep me from seeing and doing other things. I feel this also relates to my future choices because the experiences I went through lead me now to better choices so I don’t keep ending up in a place away from home. It may be hard but anything can be done if you put your mind to doing it. DG

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Road Not Taken

How does Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken,” relate to choices you have made in your life and to choices you will make in the future?

I shared the following video with the students before they were asked to give written responses. This allowed them to hear as well as read Frost's poem.

Next Vista leads a monthly discussion in Tapped In ( Their next presentation is on December 7, 2006.

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same.

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

I think this poem means a lot because we will be faced with choices in life and there will be different options. If we can prevent looking back and sighing, that is what the best choice is. DW

I think the poem is saying that everything you do effects you down to the smallest thing to the biggest. I made small choices that changed my life and big choices that also changed my life. GS

When I chose The Road, so to speak, I chose the road of drugs. It was one of the worst decisions in my life. It was the short road. It ended just as fast as it began. Now I’m on another road which looks more bright. JG

I would say the poem we went over today is very true and relates to me in a major way. I would say the choices you make in life make or break you because you learn from every decision made in life. In the future I plan on making wise and self-decided choices because I’ve kind of gone with the flow instead of being independent. MJ

The road not taken in my life was the road to success. What I mean is there is a life of violence and crime or the road to good behavior. I took the road to violence and crimes, therefore, I took the wrong road. When I get out I am going to get better directions! HZ

This poem relates to some of the choices I made in my life. The main one was either I stick to sports and go on to college or I start hustling and doing what I want. I took the hustling path because I was greedy. This path brought me a lot of bad consequences, but the amount o stuff I learned by leading this lifestyle out-weighs all the time I spent locked up. A way that this will help me make choices in the future is by leading me to take the road that is less traveled, but make it positive. SS

It is kind of like my life. I made the wrong choices and look at where I am with the choices I made. In the future hopefully the choices I made in the past I will look upon and see that that what path I chose was the the wrong path and so hopefully I realize it and not make the same choice and take the wrong path because I will end up here or worse and that you can learn from your past. MW

It’s like you have two paths two choices to pick from. Either the good path or the bad path. Like I went down the wrong path and got locked up. Now I’m on the good path trying successfully to get out and do the right thing in life. BS

When I read this poem it relates to me because I wanna do good when I grow up and do good and do something with my life, not be a bum…help others out, be supportive and do good things and stay out of jail. HG

I relate to the choices that I made because I did not make good choices, well, not that many good choices and I might have many more choices to go in life. The narrator of the poem said our choices limit what we do. AC

What I want for my future is to become a successful businessman. See, what I plan on doing when I leave this place is to first finish school then go to barber school to become a licensed barber. From there I’m going to college to major in business management and technology and once I graduate I want to go back to school for a bachelor’s degree. But what I don’t want to happen is for me to end up either in jail for the rest of my natural life or shot dead in the streets. TM

This poem relates to what I did in the past because it tells about the choices he had made in the time of need to do something. I learned from this poem that you can learn from the mistakes that you did in the past so you could do it better than before in the future. The choices I will make in the future will be better thought about and I won’t do the same mistakes over and end up in a place I don’t belong. DJ

It kind of relates to my life cause it depends on the choices I make. If I make the wrong choices now it will effect me cause if I do something serious it could just automatically just ruin my life off the bat! That is why I should concentrate on my actions that I make from now on in life. ML

Like the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, there were two roads and each one would take you to a different place. Well, in my situation I chose the wrong road which led me here. In the future I will take the other road and not take the blame for somebody else. RM

It related to me because when I was at home I made a bad choice to threaten my neighbors. So, instead of taking the straight way down the road I took the wrong way and now I am locked up doing time for not going down the straight road. LW

To me this poem is talking about two roads – one negative and one positive. The title, “the road not taken,” is implying that you always take one road or path and go down it and there’s always the one you didn’t take. I took the negative road and led myself down the wrong path making wrong choices about things I did and people I was with. Now that I’m here at Loysville I’ll have the opportunity to take that road that was not taken. Hopefully, that road is the right road and will help me make the right choices and decisions, but only I can make the road work. For every person there is always that road that has not been taken but is waiting for them. TS