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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Living my values...

I show my value of peace when somebody I don’t like is getting hurt I stick up for them. When I show my value of love it is with my family because no matter what they do they are still my family and I will always love them. I usually always respect older people and anybody else who respects me. My value of self-worth is me learning and caring for what the community does for each other and how me and my family do for each other and anybody else. RM

In my community even though I hustle and do things that bring the community down I still show these values. When I’m out on the streets it is hard to show peace but I try by trying to resolve conflicts for other people by talking to them or compromising. I show love to the community by helping out the young boys with money so they can eat or do whatever with it. I also encourage them to play sports and stay in school. I treat them as if they were my own kids. I show respect by keeping things orderly and as safe as possible for everybody. I also try to keep the block clean and clear of any drug paraphernalia such as needles and baggies cause kids and the other people don’t need to be seeing that cause it’s dangerous and plus that stuff brings cops. I show self-worth by looking towards a way to help my community get better. These are the values I show in my community. SS

Most of the time I value my family. I respect and love them more than anything. I don’t trust a lot of people so it’s hard for me to have these feelings towards others. I look at it this way…if someone goes out of their way to show me some respect, I’ll respect them back. DP

There are many ways we show our values toward family, peers and community. For example, my family always gets together on Christmas and share feelings and gifts. Christmas is an important day for my whole family. With my peers, we simply value life and electronics. For example x-box and a computer. Me and my friends sit down sometimes and play x-box for a long while. The community is a hard thing to think of values I share. Well, one value I can think of is the 4th of July. The community gathers around at the park and some other locations to watch the fireworks. HZ

When I show my values, I do it for myself. I do it in everyday life. I don’t force it onto others. People respect me because of my morals. It’s the principle of it. I pass it on to younger lads like myself. I explain it to them so they can keep my legacy going…and going…and going! I think I show love because of the extra care I put into daily things like my job as a janitorial helper at the youth development center. I just love the smiling faces when you help them. DW

PEACE: When I have a problem with someone I don’t resort to fighting. I try to think of a way that we can both get what we want and still be happy. LOVE: When the people that I love make mistakes or do something that I don’t approve of I don’t shut them out. I try to help them by telling them how they could have done something a different way. RESPECT: When people tell me to do things or tell me their opinions I don’t tell them they are wrong or don’t do what they ask. I do what they ask me and I listen to their opinions. SELF-WORTH: I really don’t have self worth, but I have been trying. JT

I have found a new meaning to life with my new set of values. It gives a whole different meaning to how I go about my life. It’s not just for myself. I help others that need my insight as well. People these days don’t really know what values are anymore and I think it’s sad. I respect elders even though they tell you things you don’t want to hear. I apply peace throughout the day because what kind of day is it without peace? JG

I use these values every day in my life. The reason I say this is because for Peace I usually if not always tend to care for others rather than being selfish and only worrying and caring for me. I’ve learned to do this in life because it tends to go farther than just showing peace. I think if we have peace, which I do, then respect comes a lot easier also. For me though I think I gain respect from others as much as I give them. I show respect by showing people it for being who they are not by their actions. Everyone deserves respect even if you don’t agree or like the person. Love to me is one of my most valued values. I believe I show this at times because it seems to me that occasionally I seem to end up loving someone or my community too much and tend to leave myself out of the picture. I help others, pull them through the rough times and before I know it I’m trapped. Last of the values is self-worth. I use this to reach my goals that I know I must to succeed. I put all my thoughts and courage into things I want to do to make a better life and don’t give up until I reach them. To me this is how I demonstrate these values. TS

Honestly, I don’t think that I show peace or self-worth. I really don’t care to learn anything new or want to put aside problems with people. I think I show some love. Some people are not among them, but a few because I always do things for them no matter what they ask and I still care for them no matter what they do. I also think that I show some respect for some few people mainly just the ones I love because I care about what they think and say but for most people I could care less what anyone has to say to me. JY

A way I use peace in my family is I do as I’m told so that everything moves along in my house. Another way I use peace in the community is doing the things that abide by the law. A way I use love is to show that I care about my mom and the rest of my family. I respect people in general by treating them as I would like to be treated also by using manners. I demonstrate self-worth by keeping my appearance clean and watching the way I talk to my elders also by acting accordingly. JR

I use these values in my everyday life. I use them to show my family that I care about them. I don’t think there is a day in my life I haven’t used these values. Everyone uses values in their everyday life. They make up who and what we are about. I do this by listening to what others have to say and I take it into consideration. I show them respect and love. RW

I show the values of peace sometimes, but sometimes I can be annoying. I show love to the people in my community by helping them out, but when I commit crimes I do not show my community anything but harm and disrespect. I show respect because I want to get it. I show respect to all of my peers so I can make very good friends in the future. I should expect other people if I want to get respect from other people. I respect myself because I know what I should do and what I shouldn’t do. If I respect myself I will make it very far in my life. It is kind of sad when you see people that do not have any respect for themselves at all. LW

How I show my values is: I give and I get a lot of respect from people no matter what because I’m a loving person and I’m trying very hard to go home. Most of all I am a peaceful person by helping people out. AC

I show values by doing what I’m told and to show bravery and courage. I do it for the best interests of my staying out of trouble. Values that I show are respect and get a discipline that is why I use values. HG

My value is being respectful. Showing people that I respect them by treating them how they want to be and they will do the same too. Another value is love for people that I cherish. Showing some type of love for them no matter what they do. BS


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