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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Closing Comments and Some Conversation Starters

I show people my values by displaying honesty, courage, and friendship. I am the type of person that will help anyone out in a time of need. I am a person of understanding and will listen to friends and family. JM

When I value peace I want every problem to be resolved. When I value love I want love from everybody around. When I value respect I’ll like respect to give respect. When I value my self-worth I value my self being locked up, but in the future I see myself getting a chance. My respect for the community is helping them out whenever they need help or by talking to them about any problem. My love for my family is always being there for them no matter what in the future and my peace is live in a place of only peace. CA

I show my values by acting like a civilized black young man. I value respect and love by showing consideration of others. If someone does not like me I reach my hand out to them to help them out no matter what they do or how I feel. AC

PEACE: I show this kind of value by leaving and getting away from all the negative things and people. RESPECT: When I show this value is when I see that the other person or people respect me, my family and my things. SELF-WORTH: The way I do this is by doing what I got to do, and start doing the right things like stop getting locked up and go to school and graduate. LOVE: The way I show this to my family and friends is when I do things for them and show them that I care for them and love them until we split apart. DJ

If we use this blog topic as an assessment tool, what do you feel the writers are demonstrating? Do you think that they understand what was meant by “living your values?” Do you think that the writers were able to share what they DO to demonstrate their values? Do you feel they are able to communicate their ideas, their hopes, their dreams, their future plans in a clear and concise way?

Your comments are greatly appreciated. An authentic audience opinion is valued by my students and your comments are taken quite seriously!


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