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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

End of the Road

The boys wrote these reflections after reading the comments that were submitted to the previous Posting. The comments had a powerful impact on the students. Your words can change lives! Please continue to give us feedback on this and future topics. BJB

I think that the road less taken is something that should be taken seriously. If everyone took the easy way in life they wouldn’t be learning stuff the way that if the people taking the hard way and the hard way would also be the safer way. RR

The poem effected me because of me making the right choices. And if I make the wrong choices then I will be locked back up. I don’t want that. I want to show my nephew that I am a good uncle no matter what my family says about me. I don’t want my nephew/kids to follow in my footsteps. And have the life I didn’t have. CG

I think the poem is good cause it touched me. I think that if you make the right choices it will get you somewhere, but if you don’t, in the long run you will end up where you don’t want to be. And when you’re older you’re going to think about the stuff you did and how you could of done better. So it’s always right to make the right choices in life. ET

It relates to me because I have made some bad choices and when I got out of here I’m going to make some good choices for now the bad thing I did like have guns, selling drugs, and that hurt a lot of people like my peoples that I love because I’m having kids and I not be there for them so I can see them being born. DP

The way that this relates to my life is that for around four years I was taking all the wrong paths. I took so many wrong paths I was eventually lost. Now I’m here and this place set me back on the right path that I could not find. Now it is just a matter of staying on this path. MS

This poem has to do with me and my choices that I make because no matter what path I take I will have to make a choice. It will either be a good path or a bad path. I have chosen to make wrong paths in my past. I plan on changing. It won’t be easy to pick the right path, but with me thinking before I act it would help me so I don’t end up taking a bad path like the one I have already chosen. PO

The road I didn’t take was the positive road. Why? Because when I was young I had to do things to get money to help my family. And when I started hustling to help mainly my mom to pay the bills and things like that. When all that took place I knew it was wrong but I had to do it. I wasn’t thinking of my victims. That’s one of the wrong roads I took. JF

The road that I took has not been good. I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life. I want to make money the easy way even if I realize that it is going to take me down or in jail I still do it. But now that I have been isolated for the fourth time, I think I need to straighten my life up. I am still young, 17 years old, so I got a chance to change the road that I have been taking. Also I effected my family a lot and that I won’t want to do any more. SP

This poem relates to me because I had made some bad and some good choices in the past, but I am locked up now because I made a bad choice. But now I am trying to change that bad choice so I could have a better future and learn from my mistakes so I won’t end up locked up again. OL

It relates to my choices because the choices I made were bad and got me here. If I don’t make right choices in the future I will have a troubled life. By doing things different that I didn’t do in my past by thinking before I act and thinking about the consequences. NM

The road not taken relates to me by the road I took was a better choice but still I end up locked here in a placement. All I try doing is living my life and due to were I live it’s hard for me to be one out of five black kids where I live and it is very racist. Right now the crimes that were committed were done by a lot of kids supposedly and I am the only one locked up. EE

This poem relates to my life because I did have a path to choose and the wrong one and now I start going to try to take education seriously and have a better future. NH

This poem does relate to me because I have made bad choices and didn’t really think about the consequences. Sometimes things in life are not easy. In the future I will learn to make the right choices. Making bad choices has a consequence to suffer for it. In my life I will choose the right path and do what I have to do to get out and stay out. AF

This poem relates to me because I don’t choose what I am going to do before I do it and that is why the poem relates to me. Because I always choose the wrong way because I don’t like to behave for anybody. And I never wanted to do anything right. RM

I can relate to it in may ways I have made many bad choices and learnt from them looking back on the choices I made that I had poor decision making. In the future I plan to better my life. When I get back out on the streets hustling, carrying guns and all are going to be my last resort cause my family is more important. JM

Since I came here I see the mistake I was making in the past with my decision and all the person affects with the stuff I was doing. Now I realized that a lot of people are waiting and dependant for me to get out of here and start working and go to college so I can be something productive for my family and community now as when I see that. I also learn in here the only friends we have are our parents and relatives because when you are in a place like this nobody cares about you. This is the other stuff I can see about this poem. SC

This relates to my choices I’ve made in my life because there’s always two ways and each choice makes more possibilities. I also need to learn about consequences for my choice. In the future I need to make better decisions so I don’t end up back in the system or worse. I need to follow the right path, not the evil or wrong path. The poem described how we as people have to decide which is the tricky path or the right moral path. KJ


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