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Monday, December 18, 2006

Snowflake Bentley

Snowflake Bentley (Wilson Bentley – 1865-1931)

What did you learn about snow crystals?
What did you learn about creative thinking?
What did you learn about self-worth?

Eye on Our Atmosphere - WBZTV
This video clip is a segment on Bentley
Aired in January 2003 on WBZ Ch 4 in Boston.

The WBZ 4 Weather Team takes you beyond the forecast. Meteorologist Mish Michaels and a team of producers bring our atmosphere to life through fascinating science stories on an array of weather topics.

The Snowflake Man--Step back in time to learn about the man who taught us that "no two snowflakes are alike." We travel to Jericho, Vermont to recreate the life of a simple, self-educated farmer that took amazing pictures of snowflakes (still found on many products today) and after decades of work, became known the world over as the "Snowflake Man."

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Brings Martin, illustrated by Mary Azarian

Snowflakes in Motion Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley

DISCLAIMER: Not everyone got the same information from the same video, although everyone watched the same video! Some also may have read the picture book. The statements that follow are from my students. Some are very insightful and the others are not my fault!!! BJB


I learned that 6 point crystals are called snow. I also learned that Bentley thinks of crystals as miracles. Snow crystals have six branches and some have three. I learned about creative thinking that you can put your mind on the littlest thing and do lots with it. It’s all in how you put effort toward something. Anything can be made fun if you have a good imagination. What I learned about self worth is that if you enter your time to something and it is fun and takes up time it will help you feel good inside like you’re worth something. DG

I learned that snow crystals not one is the same. I learned that creative thinking gives character. And it helps people to discover things in life. Self worth is how you feel about yourself. And if you think you’re worth something or not. Bentley did not have any support. So, if you believe and have self worth, you will accomplish things in life. DR

I learned that snow crystals are very tiny and have beautiful shapes that can only be seen through a microscope. I learned that creative thinking is very useful and that it opens more doors, more opportunities. Creative thinking is a way to do something many different ways. I also learned that self worth is believing in yourself and getting stuff done that you believe in yourself enough to accomplish your dreams. JM

I learned there are no two snow crystals alike and that all of them are different in shape and size. I learned that if you really have a creative mind that you discover things such as the snow flakes or anything. I learned that self worth will help you think that you are helping the world but also it will give you spare time to make those moves happen. AG

I learned that no two snow crystals are the same. If you think you can do something then you have a good value of self worth. RR

I learned that not all snowflakes are the same. I learned that anything if possible if you put your mind to it. I learned that I am like a snowflake because I’m not the same as anyone. MM

I learned that snow crystals are all different shapes and sizes. With creative thinking you can think of anything and do anything by thinking of it first. If you don’t have self worth then you are worthless/seemed worthless. CJ

I learned that no snowflakes are alike. Anything can be done through perseverance. You can die without money, but if you do something great you are rich to yourself! NH

I learned that Bentley was interesting. No snowflakes are alike. Everything’s got art in it and if you stick your mind to it you can do art too. Bentley did what he did for not much money. He loved what he did. ME

No two snowflakes are alike. It’s good to be creative and think about new things. You’re not the same as anyone! JR

All snowflakes come in different shapes and sizes. You can learn a lot of things if you put your mind to it. Just like snowflakes, we as people are not the same. NM

All snowflakes are not the same. If you set your mind on something that you can work on a good thing and get rich. You are not the same as everybody else. AF

You can catch snowflakes on a black try. Most crystals had six branches. All snowflakes are different. You can bring an idea out and become famous for it. A lot of people will respect me for my ideas that I come up with. MP

Snowflakes all come in different shapes. You can also take photos of snow. Creative thinking can get you far in life. Everyone has creativity, you just need to learn how to use it. Self worth is when you say that you are worth something because of something you did. PO

Wilson Bentley discovered snow crystals and made a lot of them. All you got to do is just don’t give up and keep trying. You don’t need to tell everybody that you are rich and he kept it to himself. ID

I learned that they have Bentley’s work at a museum. Wilson Bentley died of pneumonia and he was a poor man. He attended school. He picked apple blossoms and took them to his mother. TD


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