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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do you have a Hero?

Heroes: Describe three traits that heroes have. Who is YOUR hero and why?

My heroes are my family. The only reason my family is my hero is because they show me support and love no matter what I do. A family cares for you and supports the good decisions that you make in life. I appreciate everything that they do for me and the love that they demonstrate towards me. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my family as my hero or around me. JL

My hero is my mom because no matter what happens she will love me. She always looks out for the best for me. Also she provides shelter, food, and clothes for me. JS

My hero is my mom and dad. The reason why is because they did everything for my brothers and sister. When we didn’t have food they went out of their way to get food for us to eat. My parents mean a lot to me and the family. RA

My heroes are the Young Guns. The Young Guns are two rappers that has been with each other ever since they were in diapers. They remind me of me and my right hand (best friend). They are always together just like me and my right hand. Another reason why I choose the Young Guns as my heroes is because they make music that I like and that I can relate to, and when I hear it I know that I ain’t the only one going through times and situations. CW

A hero is a person that saves you, and you look up to and have some kind of power over something. Do you know who is my hero? It is my mother cause she saved me from a lot of stuff and I look up to her for certain stuff and my mom have power of some things and the way she react. So that’s my hero and only hero is my Mother. AG

My hero is my parents and family because they love me they care about me, also they support the things I need to keep me alive. Also they are the ones that would not give up on me because they love me too much to do a thing like that. They also said that when I am 18 years old I can come back to visit them any time I want. Also they have faith in me doing good. I haven’t showed it yet, but when I am out of Loysville I think that I am going to start showing my parents and family that I have the capability to be a hero and show the 3 traits to keep being a hero. The three traits are: being courage to other people; have faith in yourself and other people that care and love you; also respectful towards yourself and other people who care and love you. WC

One trait that a hero has is courage. He has to be courageous and he needs to be helpful because that’s what a hero does and a hero needs to be smart because his enemies are smart too. My hero: to be honest, my hero died a long time ago because he ended up hurting me. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a hero again or an idol, but I’m still looking and searching. LC

The three traits of a hero should be courage, honor, respect. My hero is my brother. The reason is because he taught me everything I know. He taught me how to survive. That’s why he’s my hero. VM

Loyalty: to be sincere to someone
Caring: to provide for someone and be there
Love: to love someone unconditionally
My mom and dad are my heroes because they have all the above traits. BC

I think a hero has many different traits, but the main ones are helping others, keeping the peace, and not getting involved with illegal activities. They stay positive. My hero is my mom and the reason why is she’s always there for me and tries to keep me on the right path and does all the things a hero does. JA

To me, I believe that a hero has responsibility, respect, and is caring. Someone who I think is a hero would be my dad. Not only does he have these 3 traits, but he has also raised me. DM

Heroes have a lot of traits, but 3 main ones are truly role models. They save what needs to be saved and they always will lead you in the right direction. My hero is my mom cause she is the reason I’m here and she raised me alone without a man in her life and that makes me look up to her cause if you put your mind in whatever you want to do you can do it and she did it to raise her five kids. GO

My hero is Jesse James/Will Castro. They walked fro the bottom and now they’re at the top. They fix cars, customize them and all. They represent what I want to do in life. They struggled to get where they’re at but they reached their goal. NC

Three traits that heroes have is power. Power is my favorite trait to use. Everybody likes them because they can help whoever is in danger. I like to help people when I can. Another trait they have is they don’t die, and if they do it is hard to kill them. My favorite hero is Batman. He is the one to me that is the one who is most realistic. He has gadgets to kill his enemies. And he gets beat up so it’s not like he is immortal and will die. CH

Traits: Courage, enthusiasm, humor. My brother because he has always been there for me. JK

My mother is my hero because 1) she is always there when I am feeling down. 2) When I need something she is there. 3) She lets me know when I did something wrong. GP

My heroes are my mom, g-mom, and aunt because they have all been through things I would of never made it through and because they love me and I love them and I honor everything they do. Their traits are that they don’t discriminate and they tell you how it is straight up without beating around the bush and they only hang with people that do the same. MR

My hero is superman, because I feel that me and him have a little in common. I husky and sometimes I like to act like him. I like to imagine that I have lazar eyes and strong cool breath, and that I can fly. That’s why he is my favorite hero. SB

A hero is a person who is good. A hero is a person who helps people. A hero is a person who’s kind. My hero is my mom because she helps and loves me. My hero is my mom because she takes care of me. CS

Three traits that a hero has are courage, integrity, and leadership. My hero would be Martin Luther King, Jr. He started the civil rights movement and fought for what he believed in and after he died his dream came true. We are being treated equally. MB


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