Between the Lines

Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hats Off to Culture!

Hats have become a SYMBOL for identity. How do the hats you wear reflect your values, interests and choices in current fashions?

[If you would like to try the Hats Off to Peace Project in your classroom, go to where you will find photos, support documents and a lesson plan.]

The hats I wear show that I value MYSELF. The reason I am saying this is because I buy the hats to look nice to have the newest fashion. Therefore, I am valuing myself. I choose the color and style of logo to look nice, not to represent a sports team or anything. I mean I like the Ravens but never had their hat because I didn’t like the way they looked. HZ

I wear fitteds. It is a type of hat that I wear. And it has a symbol of the NY sign. It represents where I’m from. I really don’t think that is reflects my values…oh, yes, it does…it shows how much I love NY. I think that fitteds show who I am and where I am from. AF

My hats are all beanies. The way I wear hats lets people know how I feel. If I wear the hat almost over my eyes, it means I’m in a bad mood. If I have it on crooked, I’m trying to be funny. My hats show my sportsmanship. My hats are style. When I wear a hat people want to go and buy one. I let my friends buy hats off me, and I’ll buy hats for my friends. I’m very picky about my hats. I don’t wear hats that have bills. ME

The hats that I wear symbolize style. Where I'm from, for instance, most of the fitteds I wear have PA on them. Also, most of them are real stylish with different designs and colors. SS

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Acrostic Poems for History





Negative people that
Are racist to all beings that are not white with blue eyes and have the same religion
Zaire, Africa, Poland did not matter unless you were a Nazi
In the 1930’s over 1,000,000 Jews died from the Nazi rule.



Problem solving is an
Example to be set in our world. A giant
Alliance is to be formed so we can all
Contribute to this by
Engaging in positive behavior to one another.



Foundations of our
Republic depend on
Equality to
Electrify enthusiasm for a
Democracy that provides
Opportunities to
Maintain and motivate the population.

blk 8


Needs of the people are
Applied to values that help us
Independently about
Opportunities for the
Numerous cultures.

blk 10

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Acrostics for Learning

An Acrostic Poem uses the letters in a topic word to begin each line. All lines of the poem should relate to or describe the topic word. The basic lesson was projected from The acrostics from blk 7 and 9 were class efforts and pretty impressive, if I do say so!

Resource Books
Winter, an Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur, illustrated by Leslie Evens
Spring, an Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur, illustrated by Leslie Evens


Reverence for









Here and now
Inside or out
Sooner or later
Tomorrow or today
Our time is now



Exhibiting effort
Daily to reach a destination that
Cultures to reach for
Artistic and
Opportunities to
Network with nations.

blk 7


Live life as an
Educational experience that
Respect and responsibilities
Now and in the future to
Improve knowledge that
Goes away!

blk 9

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Freedom of Music

People sang because they new that one day they would be free and God knew that they would be free. The people who sang were Black people. The music was soul music, music that touches people’s souls just by hearing the beat. AF

Songs were sung to protest. The songs were song at mass meetings and church services. The music was spiritual and heart breaking. NH

There were people like Billie Holliday singing about the lynchings that took place. The songs expressed how the people felt. People sang everywhere: prisons, churches, wherever they wanted to express their feelings. People sang with feeling and emotion. The different types of music are gospel, spiritual music and music on how the Blacks should be set free and be equal to all races. PO

The music was untouchable to anyone who tried to take away to communication through the lyrics. It was a strong use of words. People sang everywhere: in jail, on the streets. They sang because they knew no one could take that away. Different music does different things. It can get you hyped up or make you sad. ME

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Music and the Civil Rights Movement

How did music effect the civil rights movement? Our blog entries for this week are based on the Music Movement Medley background essay, quick time video, and discussion questions from Teachers Domain . TD requires you to log in. Membership is free.

Drawing from the reservoir of traditional African American songs, music provided a constant backdrop to the Civil Rights movement. Some songs were spirituals dating back to the era of slavery, others were songs taken from church traditions, and some were composed for specific events during the movement. Very few relied on accompanying instruments, other than clapping, but the common denominator in all of the music sung during the Civil Rights movement was the theme of freedom.

Freedom songs were often sung as a motivating force during group demonstrations, mass meetings, and church services. Most of the singing was congregational, or communal, begun by a leader who was then joined by others who "grew" the song. Sometimes the leader issued a call, and the group would respond, often rotating leaders for different verses. Harmonies, rolling bass, and dissonance all gave the feeling of surging forward.

Songs like "Woke Up This Morning with My Mind Stayed on Freedom" and "We Shall Overcome" facilitated unity, lifted spirits, and prepared people for direct action. At mass meetings held to sustain the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955, African Americans came together in song. As they were loaded into police wagons and crowded into jail cells during the sit-ins and Freedom Rides of the 1960s, civil rights demonstrators communicated with one another through music.

Frederick Leonard, who was arrested and jailed for participating in the Freedom Rides of 1961, remembers prison guards telling the black prisoners to stop singing. Guards threatened that if they didn't stop singing, their mattresses would be taken away, leaving a hard, cold floor to sleep on. The black prisoners continued singing, even after the mattresses were removed.

What were some of the different roles that music played in the Civil Rights movement? Where did people tend to sing? What do you notice about the music and the people who sang it? How would you describe the different styles of music you hear?

I think that some black people got together at church and maybe sometimes in streets to sing in remorse. They feel mad because they were being discriminated against and singing made them happy. People were singing in church and in festivals. These people singing were having a good time and it looked as if it was a spiritual thing. The music lifted spirits and prepared people for direct action. HZ

Music played a big part in the civil rights movement and it still does today. The music played a big part in motivating the people who were involved. They sang in church, at gatherings, and at protests. They sang with their souls and showed real meaning to what is being sung. Most of the songs are gospel songs. SS

Monday, January 08, 2007

Violence in Sports

After viewing Daryl Cagle's Cartoons at each student was asked to write a paragraph on their opinion of the current level of violence in sports.

I think that violence in sports is not a good example for the fans because the kids watch that too and they think that violence is good just because they see their favorite player fighting or disrespecting others, plus it will mess up the player’s reputation anywhere they play or go. CA

My opinion on violence in the NBA: I think it’s getting bad players into fights over little fouls. I think that violence is getting people hurt and killed. I think when the NBA fights that they are showing a bad example to the people that are watching the NBA. EP

I think this violence is getting ridiculous! These people, superstars, are some of our kid’s role models. They are idols of children. Look at what they are teaching America! That it is ok to fight, and show bad sportsmanship. I think that the people who fight should be suspended for the year without pay. Maybe then they will think twice about fighting. The statistics show that 70% of all basketball players in the NBA are convicted felons. What does that tell you? PO (This statistic is unconfirmed. I’d be interested in some response on actual data. BJB)

I think violence in the NBA is no different from any other sport. It’s just because most NBA players are from urban areas. They want to stretch it out to its full extent. I feel just to talk about the NBA is ridiculous. MM

Now when I say the word violence I mean fighting and talking trash. There shouldn’t be any of that because playing basketball should be something fun. Basketball is a very fun sport. I’m not saying that you can’t get mad if someone fouls you cause you can, but don’t start talking trash and then want to hit someone.

I feel that soccer is getting real bad. People are getting very mad during the sport, taking anger out by kicking the ball but acting to miss and hitting the opponent so they will be injured and taken out of the game and the refs don’t do their job well. They should call it kick boxing as much as the other person gets kicked and no cause. DG

To me the violence in sports is bound to happen one way or another, but there is a place and time. For every action there is always a reaction. The violence is definitely up and it is a wrong and bad characteristic of professional sports today in my opinion. People need to think about the consequences before they react. SS

I think there is a lot of violence in sports. I think this is bad because the youth in America and all around the world pay a lot of attention to basketball players and show a lot of adoration toward them. This could lead to a lot of trouble because kids could think that it’s alright to fight because their idols do. KS

My opinion is about the violence that happens in NBA. I think they should stop getting so frustrated over a game. They are going to waste their career over a little dispute. They can hurt themselves or hurt someone in the crowd. They’re not being very positive role models for the kids that look up to them. BS

My opinion on the violence going on in the NBA I think it is crazy because most kids including me wanted to become a basketball player, but now that we see all the things going on in the NBA most people don't even want to play for teh NBA any more. I think it should just be like the old days and just play the game right. DJ

Sports is very violent because everyone tries to be better than one another. Second reason is because it can be a contact sport. Third reason is because of jealousy. AG

Wrapping up the New Year

My New Years goal is to do good and go to school. I also would lie to make my goal to pay off my restitution. I would like to start my New Year off by walking the right way and not getting into any trouble. EP

I went to church last week and I was talking about New Year’s resolutions and one that I was going to make. The pastor told me that a new year’s resolution isn’t really anything. By that he meant anyone could break their resolution and they won’t be mad or nothing so it doesn’t really man anything. So what I did was make a vow to Jesus that I will practice what I preach while I’m in here and out there. PO

My new year’s resolution is to be a positive person in my community. I would also like to increase my intelligence more. I would also like to help at least one person a day with anything. MM

My new year resolution for my school and my students will be to stay focused and stay out of trouble. The reason I say that is because all of my students are residents and we are all locked up. So I will try to say get out and stay out of trouble. When they get out just remember what you learn and keep it in your mind. AF

This entry is about my new years resolution. For 2007 my resolution is to prevent from getting locked up. How I’m going to do that is to do things to keep me occupied such as go to a boys and girls club and maintain hobbies like weightlifting. Something I hope and I’m going to help for my community is to pick up trash on the streets and maybe do community service. A new year resolution for my school and me is to try my best to learn and help others with the best of my ability so everyone can succeed in their life. Also so they can graduate. A new years resolution for my family is to always stick together and love each other and treat others how they want to be treated like we always do. JF

I wish for everybody to make their time here a well spent time and their families to stay strong until their kids come home with them. And to the school thanks for everything and to keep teaching everybody new things cause it does change people’s way of thinking and the better way of life. ET

Some of my school resolutions for this year are to study harder, follow all expectations, pass my GED and build better relationships with my peers so I can get by and remain positive. Also some of my resolutions for my family is for all of us to remain safe, make better decisions and become close again. For myself it’s to stay clean and find new ways of life and get out of LYDC. I also am gonna get off probation. DG

My biggest new year’s resolution is to do what I got to do to get out of Loysville YDC. This would require me to stop joking around and not catch such an attitude when I don’t get what I want. KS

My resolution for the new year is to do my best to stay home with my family and stop running the streets with all my friends. Also to stop getting locked up and do the right thing in school and at home. DJ

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Resolution

My resolution for this year is to go on the right path. Do right to myself and family. Go to school, be continually positive in school. BS

My new year’s resolution is rather simple. It takes a few steps and a couple of months. First I need to get out of Loysville. Then I need to go to the DMV to get my learners permit. I need to do everything that is expected on that, and then hopefully get my license. So my new year resolution is to get my license. HZ

One of the only wishes that I would have for my peers and family and teachers is that everyone stays in good health and they are safe. SS

For my resolutions I am going to stay out of trouble so I can get out of Loysville and be with my family. For school I am going to study hard so I can pass my GED so I can get a good job when I get out. For my family I am never gonna disappoint them again and help out as much as possible. RM

I hope that my teachers will have a very good new years. I wish that all of the students including myself that are doing good will get released before the summer and before the end of the school year. My new years resolution is to be the best helper in my classrooms. I also wish that the best things will happen to my teachers. LW

I wanna be a new man for the start of the new year. I want to do stuff legal instead of illegal. I wanna believe in my self more. HG