Between the Lines

Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Do you think we all live our values the same way?

I show my values in a different way than most people. I show unconditional love to my mother and friends by doing anything they need I’ll help them with it. By peace I show peace by stopping conflicts but by that I mean I’ll try to have peace with my enemies just the same as my friends. I show respect to other people by believing their core beliefs. And self-worth cause I believe everyone’s heart if they mean it. I think they mean it no matter what. KJ

I show my values by giving all the respect I can give to my family cause they mean a lot to me and I want to be as happy as ever cause I try to work hard at school and at the cottage so I can go back to my family cause that’s my biggest value. ET

I show all of these values by living my life day to day. I don’t really ever contemplate doing things, I just do it. I show a lack of respect to the police, but other than that, I live my life by these values. BP

PEACE: The way I show peace to people I don’t fight or shove. LOVE: The way I show love to my people is by looking out for them and talking to them. RESPECT: The way I show my respect to my people is by not looking at them wrong or shouting at them. SELF-WORTH: That is to me how I eat, look, and dress up that is self worth to me respecting myself. MP

The way I show people love is I’m there when they need me and I help them when they need help. I never promise them nothing I can’t accomplish. I dedicate time for them and show them love. I show people respect if they earn it from me the way I show them that is they ask me for help I will help them. I won’t never step on their feet. OL

Our golden rule is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. It’s hard for me to do that because a lot of people don’t like to treat others the way they treat me. People are ignorant. They don’t like talking to you about a situation they would rather start a problem with you by starting some type of rumor or argument. We would all be better if we were all humble. PO

I show the values in these ways because for peace I and not a fighter, I’m a lover. I don’t cause problems unless it is in self defense. I show it in love because I show caring and help my family and girl out as much as I can in many different ways. I give respect to everyone who shows it to me. So you gotta do upon others for the do you. Self-worth: I show because I tell and let people know I am worth something no matter what anybody says. NM

I remember a time when I had peace and a kid started picking on my little brother. And besides me beating him up I put it to the side. I was in love once with a girl named Jenny T. but I moved and I never saw her again. I always give respect to a person only if they don’t disrespect me. Self-worthy is what I am. I do what I got to do to get out of here. AF

I show values of respect by not playing with someone when they aren’t in the mood. I show values of self-worth by how I present myself and how I act in public and around my friends. I show value of love by how I interact with my girl cause she is my queen and I’ll die for her. NH


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