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Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Life Described as a Line

This week's blog entry was based on the element of LINE. Line can show movement, direction, and feelings. The assignment was to describe your life as a line moving through time and then draw your life as a line.

In my left I was abuse physical and sexual so them are my down along with my criminal behavior like robbing people and stealing. My ups are when I express and told about what happened to me and my achievements such as gun prevention, C.O.A. and other groups. TB

My life is similar to the rocky mountains "up and down" because like I start out doing good and then I went downhill. It's like when I do good for a while and I hit a bump in the road. I start falling apart cause I use that "all or nothing" method. It happened a couple times when I would get a bad grade in a subject that I like. KS

When I was born I just wandered around trying to find out what things are. Then I start seeing how far I can go until I get in trouble. I started hanging out with negative people. I talked to someone and decided I wanted to be better but then I started to experiment with drugs. Now I'm doing better and trying to turn my life around. TR

This line represents my life and the things I've been through. It starts out as me moving up in my life and playing sports, then it goes straight down hill because I got in trouble with the law. After doing nine months in placement I came home and started doing good, but then I wasn't doing good in school. Then the next thing you know I was on the run. After eight months on the run I finally turned myself in and got sent to LYDC. During my stay in Loysville I can accomplish some of my goals so when I leave I can be on the straight road to success and keep it consistent. CW

Growing up I was a crybaby. I cried because I got my way all the time. When I went to kindergarten my mom spoiled me to death. When I turned 14 I started to get mature. At 14 I was doing the wrong things in the streets. I became a juvenile delinquent and today I'm learning how to be a good father to my child. JP

Everything was good until I became a teenager. I started acting up then I stayed acting. Now at 17 I am doing a little better but I get into trouble once in a while. JS

Everything was good until I met my friends. I started to get locked up, but I thought it was just a game for me. Now I realize that I have to change and now my life is getting better. JL

My life as a line is starting as a baby. I learned fast when I was young. Then my lifeline went toward a negative side. I started hanging with the wrong type of people. I started to take drugs. Then my lifeline came to a stop because I got locked up and I had to think about all the things I messed up and how I love to do what I want. I'm on my way I get my life line going to the right path and in the direction of success, happiness and a crime free person. JA

I was born in southwest Philly a Children's Hospital. I lived with my grandma, Aunt, Sister and cousin. My sister moved with my older sister. I stayed with my grandma and she took care of me. I got kicked out of my elementary school and went to another school. I graduated from there and went to middle school until the summer. I got locked up at the end of June 2005. I was setting in my holding place until the judge had sent me away. I was away for 15 months all together. I got out at the end of 2006. I came home and was living with my sister when my grandma got sick. I stayed with my sister and my mom until my grandma got well. My grandma didn't make it. I moved in all the way with my older sister and my mom and nieces. Sister moved out. I was just me and my mom and my second older sister staying in the house. I got locked up and then got out. I went to school. I had a court date come up. I went to court and they kept me! SB

My life started when I was born in December. I was living in foster care because my other parents abused me, then August 4, 2000 I moved up here in Coudersport, PA. I was adopted on March 13, 2001. I went to elementary school and then high school. Then, when I grew older I been working with electronic tools. WC


Blogger Marian Thacher said...

Thank you for posting these drawings and writings. They are creative, and I can really relate to the ups and downs of life. I'm glad to see so many lines going in the up direction.

I am doing a workshop on Thursday about blogging for some teachers in California. I always show this site when I talk about blogging, because it's a create site, the student writing is always interesting, and you have so many great ideas for assignments.

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