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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Frost in Rap Mode!

I’ve chosen to copy this writing as is. If you need a translation, let me know ;-) BJ

A the age 8 never no what life was about?
Strees is a path they give with out no dalt.
And it hard to think about when God calls my name
And I wish I coud think a way to maintain
Or a way where I don’t have to go tru a lot of PAIN
Whan you think about your fear your heart start beating
But when you getting ready to face your fears
Your heart stop beating.

And it’s hard to tell God
That I can’t maket but
In the future if it’s something that is goin to help
I’ll taket!


Back to the narrative entries:

How does this poem from Robert Frost relate to the choices you made in the past and the choices your gonna make in the future? To me it relates because I had the potential to do the good things and hang out with the right crowd, but I took the wrong road. I think I will learn to look the right way next time. JM

This means to me you have two choices in life: the wrong road and the right road. I chose the wrong road apparently and now I have to take the right road. So now that I have the right road in my sight, I can put all the hustling and all the other stuff I was involved in [behind me]. So now I just gotta stay on the right road. JR

This poem relates to the choices we made and the choices we will make because for each decision we come upon there are choices and that is what the roads represent. The easy way which is the road that has been traveled more and the longer way, the way that will take more work. That is the road that was traveled less. I think that the road is traveled less because people always want to take the easy way. JT

It tells me in life not to do the same things that everyone else does. Make your own decisions and don’t follow the footsteps of others. Do something different instead of always choosing the same path everyone else does to get the easy way out. RW

This poem relates to me because I’ve had a couple forks in the road, and have taken one route, now wondering how my life will be if I had taken the other. My decision making chose the wrong road I’ve taken. Now I wonder how it woud feel if I’ve taken the other. Then again, I think I’m at the beginning of the fork still deciding which way I’m going to head. And I’m going to try my best to head toward the way to success. So I won’t have to worry or think what it would be like if I were to take the other. IH

This poem relates to me and the choices I made because of the road I choose. I could have taken a different path that would not have led me to getting locked up. I took the wrong road instead and ended up in here. In the future I will choose a different road so I can have a better future and not affect other people at the same time. AA

I feel as though this pertains to my everyday life in many ways. The most important thing that I receive from the poem is that it’s inevitable that you are going to have to make choices in your life or be faced with a troubling dilemma. And most of the time there is an easy way out but the easy way usually isn’t the right way so pick the right path. KS

The poem “The road Not Taken” relates to me because I chose the wrong road. I chose the bad road that led me here. And in doing that, I stuck a big roadblock in the middle of my life. Next time, when I get out, I want to take the good one. I want to go to school and graduate and go to college. DP

One main choice that affected my choices for me was getting out the gun and loading it. But the thing is from doing something negative I got something positive coming out of it rather than all negatives. Now, from this choice people look at me and think that I’m crazy and that I should be dead. But I deal with the criticism and I’m going to be living a straight life when I get released. I’m going to be going to schools and talking to kids about firearm safety and about being locked up. WL

Well I want to play sports when I get older or if that don’t work out then my back up plan is to work with young juveniles in placement to help them get their life together. What I don’t want for my future is for me to go to jail for a long time for getting busted with drugs and stuff. My young life started out rough getting in trouble when I was like eleven years old. I am eighteen now so I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I want to grow up and have children and be there for them and not be an unfit dad. I want to spend a lot of time with my children so we can live a good life and worship God cause my religion is important. I am a Christian. AB

Because the one road that I did take took me the wrong way and now I am here so in the future I will have the choice to take a different road or stay on the wrong road. The wrong road at first looked nice and easier, but in all reality, after a little while I took notice that the easy road ain't always the right one and sometimes at the end it may not be so easy or nice looking. JY


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