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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Resolutions

Between the Lines will use the TeachersFirst Question of the Week for this week's blog entry. I recommend TeachersFirst as a great resource site for teachers!) Please post your own resolutions as responses to this blog or go to the URL below and post to the TeachersFirst page.

This week's Question:
A new year brings new opportunities for you, your school, and your students. What resolutions do you wish for yourself, your school, your students, and/or their families as we begin 2007?

I wish for 2007 schools around the world find stuff that would interest kids to want to go to school. I want myself to find things that really interest me. Schools need to show kids that it is going to help them by providing interviews with people who made it in life. JG

This year for a resolution I am committed to losing 30 pounds before I'm discharged from this program. Also, I would like to stay in contact with my family and build a better relationship with my counselor. JR

What I want for the new year is for me not to get in any trouble. I want to go through 2007 without getting myself in any trouble with the law. I would also like for me and my familiy to have a better relationship and for my guardian to be able to gain some trust in me. Basically, I want to have a good productive year. RW

My new year resolution is to be a better person than what I was the past couple of years. But, from the past is when a person prepares for the future and one of them is to be a good father to my kids and to be a family man instead of getting locked up every time I get out from doing time. I would like to be the best I have ever been and go home to my family and get my GED. CA


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