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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Wrapping up the New Year

My New Years goal is to do good and go to school. I also would lie to make my goal to pay off my restitution. I would like to start my New Year off by walking the right way and not getting into any trouble. EP

I went to church last week and I was talking about New Year’s resolutions and one that I was going to make. The pastor told me that a new year’s resolution isn’t really anything. By that he meant anyone could break their resolution and they won’t be mad or nothing so it doesn’t really man anything. So what I did was make a vow to Jesus that I will practice what I preach while I’m in here and out there. PO

My new year’s resolution is to be a positive person in my community. I would also like to increase my intelligence more. I would also like to help at least one person a day with anything. MM

My new year resolution for my school and my students will be to stay focused and stay out of trouble. The reason I say that is because all of my students are residents and we are all locked up. So I will try to say get out and stay out of trouble. When they get out just remember what you learn and keep it in your mind. AF

This entry is about my new years resolution. For 2007 my resolution is to prevent from getting locked up. How I’m going to do that is to do things to keep me occupied such as go to a boys and girls club and maintain hobbies like weightlifting. Something I hope and I’m going to help for my community is to pick up trash on the streets and maybe do community service. A new year resolution for my school and me is to try my best to learn and help others with the best of my ability so everyone can succeed in their life. Also so they can graduate. A new years resolution for my family is to always stick together and love each other and treat others how they want to be treated like we always do. JF

I wish for everybody to make their time here a well spent time and their families to stay strong until their kids come home with them. And to the school thanks for everything and to keep teaching everybody new things cause it does change people’s way of thinking and the better way of life. ET

Some of my school resolutions for this year are to study harder, follow all expectations, pass my GED and build better relationships with my peers so I can get by and remain positive. Also some of my resolutions for my family is for all of us to remain safe, make better decisions and become close again. For myself it’s to stay clean and find new ways of life and get out of LYDC. I also am gonna get off probation. DG

My biggest new year’s resolution is to do what I got to do to get out of Loysville YDC. This would require me to stop joking around and not catch such an attitude when I don’t get what I want. KS

My resolution for the new year is to do my best to stay home with my family and stop running the streets with all my friends. Also to stop getting locked up and do the right thing in school and at home. DJ


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