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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Resolution

My resolution for this year is to go on the right path. Do right to myself and family. Go to school, be continually positive in school. BS

My new year’s resolution is rather simple. It takes a few steps and a couple of months. First I need to get out of Loysville. Then I need to go to the DMV to get my learners permit. I need to do everything that is expected on that, and then hopefully get my license. So my new year resolution is to get my license. HZ

One of the only wishes that I would have for my peers and family and teachers is that everyone stays in good health and they are safe. SS

For my resolutions I am going to stay out of trouble so I can get out of Loysville and be with my family. For school I am going to study hard so I can pass my GED so I can get a good job when I get out. For my family I am never gonna disappoint them again and help out as much as possible. RM

I hope that my teachers will have a very good new years. I wish that all of the students including myself that are doing good will get released before the summer and before the end of the school year. My new years resolution is to be the best helper in my classrooms. I also wish that the best things will happen to my teachers. LW

I wanna be a new man for the start of the new year. I want to do stuff legal instead of illegal. I wanna believe in my self more. HG


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