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Monday, September 18, 2006

Symbols for Peace

This question/lesson was suggested on another list by Jeannie in Pennsylvania. She kindly gave permission for me to use it with my students.

Edward Hicks (PA artist) painted many images of the Isaiah verse about the lion laying down with the lamb. His pictures had Wm. Penn making a treaty with the Indians (also happened in Philly/Bucks County area). Hicks used this image because it was the only way he could paint AND be a good Quaker. Jeannie asked her kids what they thought peace was, and how difficult it was to express. Kids have no problem with war, anger, hate: they know it from TV and cartoons (and, unfortunately, real life - bjb) -- guns, blood, explosions, yelling. But how do they picture peace? What images would express peace? This was a true thinking project. What was the opposite of those images that flood their world?

Jeannie got different images: a favorite peaceful place, playing with a sibling they usually fought with, showing a harmonious family, animals that represented peace to them. Jeannie's favorite image was of two groups of "Army guys" who were throwing their weapons on the bonfire in the center.

I will ask for word pictures of symbols and images of peace. As always, we look forward to your comments! BJB


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