Between the Lines

Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Should dreams be founded on realistic goals?

I am going to go to college and make good decisions. I want to go to the NBA and play professional basketball, so in order to do that I have to go to a college and try hard in every game. Hopefully some NBA coach will look at me. If not, then I want to be a detective. To make my dreams come true I am going to do the right thing so I can get out of here and go back to school and play sports and finish school and get my GED and then try to get into Penn State University. AB

The first thing I want to do to make my dreams come true is to do my program in my cottage so I can go home to my family. And when I get out there I will have to go to my high school, study, do my homework, and behave so I can pass and won't get locked up. I will get my diploma and go to college. The way I'm going to college is by saving money when I get a job out in the real world. I'm going to college for criminal justice. So, all I have to do is behave, don't break the law, work, and don't give up on anything. JR


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