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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Making Dreams Come True

Thanks to DK from MediaSnackers who posted an article about our blog to his website ( ) "Please take the time to comment on their writing if you have a Blogger account. I would like to pose them this question: what are you going to do to make your dreams come true? What a bold way to create 'Digital Capital'."

I'm going to do everything it takes. I have a lot of dreams, but only some of them might come true, like playing football for the pros and/or for an international team. But my main focus is to finish high school, go on to college and create a tow truck company around the world with my brother so we can hand it down to our kids and so on. That's my dream. CR

My goal is to go to the Army when I get out of here. I'm trying my best to study for my GED so I can take it as soon as possible. By making my goals come true I'll prove people wrong that told me I won't be anything in life. I want to prove that if you put your mind on something you can do anything. I want to make my mom and my family proud. When I get out I'll rent an apartment, have a girl to spend time with me, and get a good job that pays good. SP

What I'm going to do to make my dreams come true: I'm going to finish high school, get a job in construction, save up money and get rich and get a car, a house, have a family and support them and just keep working. BN

I'm going to stand up and live and do what I feel is right and what I feel that I should do. I want to go to the NBA, but first I need to play college ball. After college ball I will know what needs to be done. First I need to get my GED, then go to junior college for a little while and then go to Penn State or Notre Dame to major in business and minor in physical education. If this doesn't work out, I want to become a coach for football or basketball and start a business of some sort. I'll drive trucks for a little while. My family is wealthy so I have money to start a business. BP


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