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Monday, September 25, 2006

Seeing Sounds and Lyrics

This week's assignment is to describe a favorite kind of music using adjectives to describe the rhythm, mood, message (what the lyrics mean). Is your favorite music happy? Sad? Angry? If you were to paint an abstract picture of your favorite music, what colors would you use? What would the lines look like (jagged, zigzag, wavy, etc.)? BJB

To me Rap music is about how this person is growing up in and around the world. It is usually about where they came from and how horrible it was and the struggle of selling drugs, having sex, and shooting people was how they came up and how they live. I think that it is angry, hungry, and ambitious to get what they did not have when they grew up like big houses, nice cars, and beautiful women. This music would be red and black jagged and zigzaggy and the line would shoot upward and stay up. CR
I like older rock and roll. I would say it's more soothing and relaxing for a few reasons. First, it isn't real heavy. It's more calm and slow and a lot of it wants you to hear and understand the words because to the singers a lot of times there's a meaning so maybe you can understand them a little better. I would say the lines would be wavy and there would be a few colors like purple, red, green. I am not sure why, but that's what I feel the musicians would like. JY


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