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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Peace makes me feel good

Peace is calm and sweet and happy and makes me feel good. Peace is something everyone can have if they decide they want it. Peace looks nice like spring or a sunny day with birds singing in the air. Peace is when you help a person out and feel good about it. The cross where Jesus died for the world is a symbol of peace cause He forgives us and told us if we need peace we can pray to Him. His heart was of peace. SP
Peace is happy. Peace is having no harsh feelings from nowhere. Peace is harmony. Peace looks like simple beings. No one differs from another being and is always happy. Peace is when everyone is on the same good page. No one needs to look different because everyone would be equal and wear the same kind of clothes. A peace symbol is a circle of love with light and loose lines of a triangle. MS
Peace to me is really showing love for everyone and anything. Showing peace in the world is being affectionate for things. Sharing some type of sympathy. Peace can end things like conflict and it can start up good things. Peace can mean many things. If there was world peace there would be no more problems in the world. Peace to me basically looks like people being happy and having fun. A peace symbol would be two faces that look peaceful. VS
Peace is having respect and standing up for what you believe in and showing support for your community. Peace is honoring our lives and choosing the right path. The peace symbol looks like a circle with 3 stripes [lines] dividing the circle into thirds that represent Respect, Love, and Peace. MB
Peace is when you can walk in the street and you don't have to worry about beef. Peace is when you can have fun and be nice and don't have to worry about enemies. For a peace symbol, I would draw a group of people shaking hands and greeting each other - that's peace. BW
To me, peace is when everyone is at an openminded state. There is no violence. If there is conflict however, conflict is resolved with words of peace and love, not of hate. To me, peace is when although not everyone gets along, everyone shows a level of respect to all religions, races and countries. To me, peace will never come until the day Christ returned, because to the world respect is not peace, peace is no war. But there will never be no war because war is simply conflict. BP


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