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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Peace: When people don't hate each other

My description of peace is that it means when everybody gets along. I think peace looks like a place where nobody fights and where people do not hate each other. The peace symbol I think of is a peace sign with different colors on it. AV
My definition of peace is when it is calm and non-chaotic and when people are getting along. When I think of peace I think of countries including ours not fighting over things and not starting wars. Also, I think of people working together and becoming one. If I were to make a symbol of peace, it would have a dove in the middle of a circle with light shining around it. AV2


Blogger Sue said...

Your description of Peace is ideal. I agree with you wholeheartedly.
I enclose some definitions of peace.
-the state prevailing during the absence of war
-harmonious relations; freedom from disputes; "the roommates lived in peace together"
-the absence of mental stress or anxiety
-the general security of public places; "he was arrested for disturbing the peace"
-a treaty to cease hostilities; "peace came on November 11th"

from Sue at tappedin and fiend of bjb

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