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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Invitation for Comments and Suggestions

As we come to the end of week one of our blog experiment, I'd like to invite those who read the student entries to please comment and make suggestions for future topics. The kids are excited about having their work 'published' and having a voice on the Web! The last entry is one I think you'll find especially touching (it's a girl thing, what can I say?! ;-))

If I was to die tomorrow, I would want my family and friends to remember me as a smart kid and to remember my smile and my personality. NL

If I was going to die tomorrow, I would say everything to them that they didn't know. I would say to my friends that I loved them and that they made my life easier. I would say to my family that I love them too, and that I am sorry for getting locked-up and making them go through pain. I would want them to remember that I would have taken a bullet for each and every one of them. I also want to say sorry for disrespecting my mom by smoking and drinking in her house. I would tell myh mom that my whole life I never disrespected a girl (like hit them or talk nasty in front of one), and that I kept my word. I would tell my dad that I hated him for not being there when we needed you and that if I were to have my own kids, I would have sacrificed everything for them. I will tell my brothers to respect mom and protect her from everything bad. And do the same for our only little sis. I don't want my brothers getting locked-up. I want to tell my little bro Kevin to stop hustling and get a real job. And the last thing I will say is "I love you, I'm sorry, I will see you one day in heaven." JR


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