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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Celebrate Thanksgiving Every Day

Celebrate Thanksgiving every day. Take time to count what you have, not what you have not…and when all is lost, you have the gift of hope.

What are you thankful for?
What do you hope for?
What are you doing to make your hopes reality?
I am thankful for having a good family. I am thankful for having a very artistic art teacher. I am thankful for having a person to look up to. I am thankful for having such a perfect pastor. I am thankful for the help that I receive. I am thankful for having a beautiful family. I hope to stay out of placement and never ever get locked back up again. I hope that I become then best NFL or NBA player to ever live. I hope for the best things that can ever happen to me. I hope to go home in March and go to church and I will pray for all of my teachers. I will make my hopes come real by accepting "NO" for an answer, apologizing for the things that I have done wrong. I also will talk about my feelings and my problems instead of holding them in. I also will stop getting restrained and stop threatening my staff and my peers. I also will successfully complete my program and go back to my community where I belong. LW
I'm thankful for having a life and a family and I hope to be successful in life so I can have a job along with money to help my family and I'm not faking it to make it in life. It's real to me, like the way I walk and talk, the way I do everything. I'm seeking help, looking for a job and helping others to do the same. AC


Blogger Sean Carter said...

We are all thankful for everything that we have in life...and we have the Almighty to thank for for His blessings that we have achieved all these things...and we should all thank the Lord for His wonderful gifts everyday...and I'd also like you to visit my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and share the spirit and joy of this wonderful celebration.

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