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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Defining "Family"

This week's topic was to define Family: How do you describe the concept of "family"? How many people do you need to have a "family"? Describe your family and the people in it.

The concept of family to me is a group of people that you live with and they love you, protect you, and help you when in need. Also, family is people you share your thoughts and feelings with. To make a family you need as many people as there are for you. My family are people I love and they love me back. They are people that support me when I'm in struggle and when I need someone to talk to. They also help me physically, emotionally, financially. AV
A family is people that are real close to you and they love you. I think you need two or three people to have a family. It would be my wife and my child, but it can be just me and my son and that could be a family to me. My family is really big and they all care about and want me to have a good life. My mom always tells me to finish high school and get a good job. My brother give me advice and encourages me that everything would be all right. My dad tells me he's sorry for not being in my life. He tells me that that doesn't mean that I can have a bad life. He tells me not to do the things he did so I can have a good life and have a family and take care of them. SP
Family is where the heart lies. They don't have to be blood related. Families always forgive. You only need one person or it could even be your dog is your family if that's all you have. You need two people that love each other and will listen. My family is hectic. My sister is 12 and she is in 7th grade. My dad is a loud, 6ft. 2in., hard working man. My mom is crazy, but I still love her. She's very picky with being clean. MS


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