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Random reflections from the youth in a juvenile correctional facility.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Before each class read Reynold's The North Star, we discussed the keywords of journey, constellation and signs. After we read the story (online using an LCD projector), I projected the Constellation Map Maker and students filled out a worksheet with the questions on the map maker. I then compiled the responses.

Next week we will be taking the information and writing poems. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

The North Star by Patrick H. Reynolds

The North Star Personal Constellation Map Maker

Follow the Drinking Gourd: A Cultural History

What special things have shaped your life? Imagine each one is a star…

1. What is something important to you?
Family, my son, daughter, freedom, relationships, my girl, music, life, brother, sister, my kid, getting locked up, my dog,
2. What special talent do you have?
Reading, drawing, skateboarding, sports, intelligence, play guitar, living, listening to music, I’m fast, music, pretty boy, basketball, poetry, making music, creative and imaginative, creative, athleticism, welding, writing, artistic skills, fighting, rapping, fixing motorcycles, eager, working on cars, ride dirt bike, make friends, computers, building, bowling, talking to people
3. What place has special meaning to you?
Home, Army/Navy, Maryland, a concert, my grandma’s house, listen to TV, my town, Harrisburg, New York, my heart, funerals, Pittsburgh, Dorney Park, beach, daughter’s grave site, peach mountain, my thoughts, Pottstown, Dominican Republic
4. Who has helped you find your way?
Me, mom, counselor, family, parents, a band, my grandma, my friend, nobody, friends, staff and school, God and parents, my father, staff, the north star, placement, people in the world, girlfriend,
5. What do you hope to do someday?
Chef, work, live in Florida, be a father to my daughter, own a carpet store, have a business with my brother, anything, people’s music, be successful, barber, play ball, fly a plane, go on a cruise, get a shop, artist, go to a party, go to the NFL, become a lawyer, be successful, be in the NBA, work and have a family, plumber, businessman, computer graphic designer, go to Mecca, support broke family, become someone to support my family, go to college, zoology, find the star, move, be a famous rap artist, have a family and kids, small engine mechanic, go to trade school, police officer, work for Disney, be rich, sing, working on cars, computer technician, carpenter, fly a jetpack, counselor, work with kids, herpetologist
6. What do you need to be more happy?
Freedom, college, a good job, my family to get along together and be happy, her, listen to explicit music, money, family, respect, friends, music, nothing, get out, life, my cousin, a father, grandpop, love, peace, to see the star, have a career, make friends, my (deceased) daughter back, make a living, to not let little things bother me so much


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