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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Constitution Day - What freedom means to me

Constitution Day is September 17, 2007. One American value is FREEDOM. What does FREEDOM mean to you? Write a thinking paragraph on what FREEDOM means to you as a citizen or resident in the United States. Reference the Constitution (We the People) and/or the Bill of Rights if you can.

What does freedom mean to me…A lot cause I don’t think anybody wants to be locked down people want to do things when they want to and how they want to. I love my freedom cause you can live your life without nobody telling you anything and that’s why freedom is special to people as well as my self. AM

Freedom means to me we need to be free. We can’t live with people telling us what to do every hour of the day. We need to have space, work alone not being beat. If it was for war we wouldn’t be free. We would be slaves and busted. It means a lot to me but people don’t understand what freedoms means. They take advantage of it. LR

I think of freedom is doing anything you want to do anytime you feel like doing it without having any consequences for it. I hate being told what to do and when to do it. We are guaranteed the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Here we only have life. We have no liberty, or a pursuit of happiness. We can’t do what we want and we can’t be happy here. TS

Freedom means the world to me. The world to me means that probably I’ll be a slave. They fought for my freedom and many people die for me so I don’t need to throw it away. I need to treasure it and keep it. CS

Freedom means a lot to me. Without freedom life is boring. I don’t want people telling me to go use the bathroom or anything so I need to take my freedom more seriously. My freedom means a lot because people went to war to fight for my freedom so I need to treasure it. DR

Freedom don’t mean anything to me. I think freedom is fake. There really is no such thing as freedom. It’s just another trap the government uses to make you think you’re fine, but then they lock you up. I don’t think there is an ounce of freedom in the U.S. NC

Freedom means: go where I want to go without question being asked, without being confined, not being told what to do. BR

To me freedom means surviving because once everything is become free it is more things that you will have to deal with like criminals getting out of jail or winning a war soon or later it will come back and bite you on the back side and you will regret it all of it. AS

To me freedom means when you could do what ever you want to do. You don’t have to follow authority and people who think they’re the boss. But while you in a place like placement or prison, you got no freedom. That’s when you have to follow through. Freedom is what I wanna stay having so I won’t go to my past behavior and when I get out I could start over good. SR

Freedom means to me being able to do you like going outside not being locked up. And being able to make friends and hang out. Being able to eat what you want. That’s freedom is to me and I’ll have freedom if I do good being able to see my mom and be home. That’s freedom. DH


Freedom to me is waking up everyday and walking in this world. Also saying food things and learning more things. Freedom is not doing what you want, it’s doing what is good for your life, Like now I have freedom here so that is good for me so I can look at things better. DA

Freedom means that I am able to express my feelings and that I have the right to freedom of speech. I like it because people in other countries are jealous of us because of the way we live and so they want to attack us because they feel it’s not right that we get to have the things that we want and like the way we want. MC

To me freedom means everything. A person’s freedom is their life, what life do you have without freedom? I don’t think there’s no point in living without freedom. Freedom is everything. LF

Freedom means a lot to me. When I go home I’m going to have a lot of freedom. I can’t wait until I get my freedom back. In here I got a little of freedom, but not a lot of freedom. I can’t wait to go home then I will have freedom to play football. JF


Freedom means to do what you want when you want without people making you do anything else. Me being a citizen of the United States there is more freedom here (the freedom of speech and religion and press). That is why I enjoy my freedoms. CR


Freedom is very important thing to me. It’s being able to wake up in the morning and go eat and listen to music without being told what to do. Fredom is going to the movies with friends. Freedom is being allowed to go to the bathroom without asking. That is what freedom means to me. DR

Freedom means that I am able to express my feelings and that I have the right to freedom of speech. I like it because people in other countries are jealous of us because of the way we live and so they want to go after us because they feel like it’s not right that we get to have the things which we won’t and like the way we want. MC

Freedom to me means that you have the right to do what you want without anyone saying something. Freedom to me is maning the boss of me and no one else or having the right to go to any school I want without someone saying racial comments. JW

Freedom is being free to me and make life a lot easier for people and something you will always want and need and to be able to be trusted not mocked up and it is something we all love. JG


I think freedom is being able to do something without someone telling you otherwise. I think freedom is when you’re allowed to say how you feel. I think freedom is being able to live anywhere you choose to live that’s what freedom means to me. DJ

I would always love to have my freedom, but, in the same sentence you shouldn’t break the law to get your freedom taken away from you. If someone murders someone then I feel as if they should have the freedom taken away forever. RG

To me I think freedom means you can’t do what you want and when too. I also think it means you can say what you want and not get in trouble for speaking and talking about what you think and your idea. KT


Blogger stewg said...

Dear NC,
I am a firm beliver in freedom and I believe in the words of a wise person. "Free your mind, and your @$$ will follow" Reality is what you percieve. You may be physically be locked up, but why send your mind to the hole? It's the one thing that nobody controls but you.

8:02 AM  

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