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Monday, September 24, 2007

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace (September 21)

United Nations Declaration

“…the International Day of Peace shall henceforth be observed as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, an invitation to all nations and people to honor a cessation of hostilities for the duration of the day…”

If you VALUE PEACE, you will live your life in a way that reflects that value. List three ways in which you can achieve peace in your family, your community, your school. Describe how this will be done. (example: Resolution of conflict, Respect others, listen to all points of view, help others, volunteer for community projects, model peaceful behavior.) BJB
I can achieve peace by the way of my thinking. If I think of better things then I won’t have negative thoughts that would get me in trouble. Another thing you can achieve peace is by religion or God because it helps people with problems and issues. Last is the pace in the way your behavior is because if you act up people in your community aren’t going to like you to live there. And your family is not going to like the way you acted. CR

List 3 ways you can achieve peace in your family, your community, and your school: helping out elderly people; helping out the homeless; cleaning up the community. NC

Clean up all trash in the community; let school know if any harm is going to be done in school; in my family, look out for one another and treat each other with respect. AS

Peace in my school is like not bothering each other and getting along, not fighting. My family with peace like the same thing, but with respect and treating each other like family. Peace in my community is getting it quiet and no crime no shootings people getting along show respect help each other. DH

Change for my family; Not go back to my negativity; Be a better person in the community. I will change for my family so they could trust me again and be respectful to them. I will control my anger and handle it in a good way, not taking it out on anyone. I will be a better person in the community by doing volunteer work, community services and trying to help my friends change the same way as me. SR

Peace is something that I want for me and my family and the way to do that is to stay away from guns, bad people and probably move from your community. Go to church close to home and try to go to school every day for a diploma to help your family out and having better friends to be with. JC


How I can bring peace to my family is do good in this placement. I will help my community by cleaning the streets. I will be peaceful when I go to school. I will do all my work in school. That is why I will be peaceful. I will not be bad in school and know more and I will be peaceful when I go home. JF

I will make sure my family is doing the right thing. I can go pick up stuff from the street for my community. I will put signs for stuff everywhere to make sure we are safe from dangers. JG

Talk to people about violence and how it influenced my life. If I talk to gang members of not skipping school and stop gang banging maybe they might take it into consideration. If I don’t get into problems and not get locked up maybe my family will be a little better. JW

You can try to help others instead of hurt others. You can be part of the solution instead of the problem. You can show care and love to others. Well, when you talk to others you be friendly and respectful. Watch your body language and present a positive attitude. Be willing to share and care for others. MC

One way to achieve peace in the family is to talk out things instead of arguing and fighting all the time. My community is already violent and I know the people so I be like, let’s go to the gym and play ball or something. I would lead by example in my school. If kids see me doing positive things they will most likely follow me. DR

I am honest to my family. I also help out the community. I help other people when they need help and make friends with them. When people are arguing I help them solve the situation. LR

The way I can stop negativity in my family or community is by showing respect and helping people that need help and showing positive people relationships and letting my family and friends know I will never put them down. I will be there at good times as well as bad times and show love when needed and not needed, being a loving and caring friend. AM


I would talk to people that want peace and hold a peace concert and raise money to do so. In school I would talk to the teachers and principal for me to become a student president and talk about peace and how it will help our school. I would talk to my family at a reunion and tell them fighting and arguing is not going to get us anywhere so peace will keep us together. KT

In my family I could encourage the interaction between each other, instead of always arguing over dumb stuff. The community has to come together and everyone has to come to an agreement. In school we really don’t have any say so, but the board can fix the problems. RG

I could participate in a gun violence prevention program. I could help start an anger management class. I could start a soccer night at the community center. It would give people something better to do with their time. TS

Peace means to me a lot. If everybody helps each other the world will be good. There’s still violence, but not as much. We have some peace. So that is why I’m trying to help the community out and so that the world could be great! Help pick up garbage. Do some kind of group, etc. DR

International Day Of Peace: I can bring peace to my family by not getting locked up again and the way I can bring peace to my community by doing the right thing when I leave here and use what I was through and complete school. CS


My way to achieve peace with my family is making everyone feel good in the family and communicate with the family so we could have conflict resolution so it could keep peace in our family and also use empathy looking at other people’s point of views. I would also keep peace in my school by talking to peers about their problems and have a conflict resolution group in school if the school allows it and my community would also be the same. I would put up peace signs, show peers a lot of respect and would also do cleaning around the neighborhood to show my peace. That’s what I would do to show and keep peace in my life. DJ


Blogger JR's Thumbprints said...

I heard about your blog through the Correctional Education Association Newsletter. Thought I'd stop in and say "Hi."

4:45 PM  
Blogger Mrs. B said...

You each are saying some interesting things about Peace. What I like most is the way you are saying what you as an individual can do to contribute to World Peace.

Your generation is going to have a lot to deal with, left over from what my generation is doing now. I hope you will continue to see ways in which you can make this world a better place.

6:05 PM  

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