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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hats Off to Culture!

Hats have become a SYMBOL for identity. How do the hats you wear reflect your values, interests and choices in current fashions?

[If you would like to try the Hats Off to Peace Project in your classroom, go to where you will find photos, support documents and a lesson plan.]

The hats I wear show that I value MYSELF. The reason I am saying this is because I buy the hats to look nice to have the newest fashion. Therefore, I am valuing myself. I choose the color and style of logo to look nice, not to represent a sports team or anything. I mean I like the Ravens but never had their hat because I didn’t like the way they looked. HZ

I wear fitteds. It is a type of hat that I wear. And it has a symbol of the NY sign. It represents where I’m from. I really don’t think that is reflects my values…oh, yes, it does…it shows how much I love NY. I think that fitteds show who I am and where I am from. AF

My hats are all beanies. The way I wear hats lets people know how I feel. If I wear the hat almost over my eyes, it means I’m in a bad mood. If I have it on crooked, I’m trying to be funny. My hats show my sportsmanship. My hats are style. When I wear a hat people want to go and buy one. I let my friends buy hats off me, and I’ll buy hats for my friends. I’m very picky about my hats. I don’t wear hats that have bills. ME

The hats that I wear symbolize style. Where I'm from, for instance, most of the fitteds I wear have PA on them. Also, most of them are real stylish with different designs and colors. SS


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