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Monday, February 11, 2008

Kindness and Justice Challenge

Kindness and Justice Challenge

Two websites to stimulate thinking about volunteerism, activism and peace:

The Martin Luther King Kindness and Justice Challenge

40 Days of Peace

What experience have you had doing something to help others that has taught you something important? Maybe helping to clean up your neighborhood, for example, taught you that team work is important. Write a short chapter from your autobiography to detail this experience.

Tips for Writing a Personal Narrative
Because this writing is about one of your experiences, write from the first-person point of view, using words like I and me.

Tell the story as if you are experiencing it, including sensory details to draw your readers into the story and make them feel a part of it.

Your story will be easier to understand if you write the events in order from beginning to end. Using words like first, second, then, next, and finally will help readers keep track of what happens.

The last sentence or two of your narrative should provide some conclusion, such as what you learned from an experience. Be careful not to leave your readers "hanging," wondering what the end of the story is.

The way I experience kindness is to be respectful I treat people the way I want to be treated. I think that is a good way to start and build a good relationship with a person. The next thing is to be truthful. I think that it’s always good to help others. The reason is because everybody needs help sometime and you never know when you are going to need it one day. I think it’s good to help people because you have a sense of achievement that you helped someone achieve their goal. That is some of the reasons that I do what I do. JA

An experience I had doing something to help someone was helping the person to avoid a problem with a peer. It taught me that I could do it too whenever I had a problem. It also worked because the person that I taught left the program successful. SR

Something that I experienced was baby-sitting for my aunt and uncle while they were out. Their kids were 4 and 6. They were annoying and hyperactive. First, I had to think of something to calm them down so they weren’t jumping around everywhere. So I gave them both warm milk to have them sleepy. Next, I turned on the TV so we could all relax. After they fell asleep on the couch, I took them both to their beds quietly. Finally, I went back to the couch, turned on the TV channel to music videos and relaxed until my aunt and uncle got back home. All of them hours babysitting taught me not to have kids until I’m ready to take responsibility for them. Right now I’m a little too young and still have years to learn how to be a great father. CW

I have helped others by experience and I know that some things that I did in my life were wrong so I take that and help my little brothers on my case load so they could go home just like I am about to next month. I learned by learning from others could not only help me but teach me to help others. AS


In my life I helped a lot of people who didn’t know how to do things. I learned by helping others that it’s very respectful thing and also you could accomplish a lot of things in life. The most important thing that I learned in life is the caring/appreciation that I have for others and they have for me for being kind to them. For me helping them out they show me respect all the time and they know they could depend on me at all times. JL

I have helped people move things out of their house, like moving furniture, beds, kitchenware, etc. It taught me something important…that helping people out like elderly people is not a bad thing. It is a good thing because people will look at you as respectful, kind and a helpful man. Also people might thank him/her for helping him/her out. Maybe some people will give that person money because you helped that person out that really needed your help, attitude, kindness, respectfulness, and caring person. WC

I help my ex-girl go through life because her mom and dad did not help that much as I did for her. She needs help with school and her job. She will call me and we would talk about how she could handle her problems without me. But, it taught me you could help people you know and love. RA

When I was at home when my friends would have trouble I would talk to them because I understand what they’re saying since I been through a lot and I heard kids say stuff there is like nothing I never heard yet. JS

When I help my sister out I feel good because I get to know her more so when I have a child and can treat them the same way like my sister. I help her ride her bike. I help her with school work. I help her so she knows what to do when she grows up. JT

The experience I had was good sometimes and not good sometimes. But my good experience I have done made me feel good and I thought to myself that giving a hand is good iven if it’s the person you don’t like because in the long-run in life I never know if I might need help. So, because I help people out when they need it, it makes me feel good about myself. My bad experience I had was when I help somebody out and they turn around and treat me all mean not saying it’s hurt me, it’s just that they don’t got no respect for others. That’s my experience I had helping people. SB


I have shoveled some old lady’s snow. My first intention was to do it for money, then this guy came by and asked if I could just do it for free. She is an old lady. I was a little mad at first that he was trying to get me to shovel for free. But in the end I learned that not everything has to be not for your benefits. Do things just to be nice. CH

I lived with an older lady when I ran away from home. I helped her around the house and helped fix things. She would always try to give me money, but I never would take it. She told me once that I reminded her of her son that never came around. She said she enjoyed my company. I found out that I enjoy doing things for people far more than I enjoy doing things for money. SS

I helped others out with plowing their driveways and clean off their cars and I tell them that I don’t want anything in return. The point is that not everything in life has to be about money or other materials and that people remember the people that did something out of generosity more often than the person that only did it for the money. HC

What I have done that taught me a lot is when I helped my grandmom out with her groceries. I also have learned how to get respect from people because I have to give it. I have been taught a lot and learned how to deal with adversity. Dealing with adversity is important and shows a lot of patience. But my grandmom always told me to be respectful and patient in life. SB

I watched my little brother for my mom while she worked overtime. I learned that me and my mom will always need each other in one way or another. And I say that cause I used to think I ain’t need my mom and she ain’t need me. JS

I was trying to help my little sister with her homework. She just could not understand it. But I had to stop and think she is only 10 and she isn’t gonna get it right away. I learned I had to be patient and not get frustrated. NC

This one time I was in a store. I was looking at radios when two people came up to me. They said which one do you want so I ran and asked my pop. He said yes, so they bought me a radio. It made me feel that all people are not the same and there are some very generous people in the world. GD

While I was at home I helped my sister to understand adversity. Whil I was helping her I learned some things myself. People don’t understand the more you help the more you will understand it. My plans is to keep on helping so I can learn more and more every day. TR


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