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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aim for Success, Not Perfection

Write a paragraph on what the following quotation means to you:

"Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life." ~~David M. Burns

To me it means to keep trying. Like in sk8 boarding if you fall, get up and try again. Don't give up your goal. If you fall, you work on what you did wrong and you will get better at the trick. Learn from your mistakes. JR

You need not go so far because you will fail, but you will learn from failing. When you fail you will have a hard time building back up the power to succeed in life. Also you need failure to learn new things. And another thing is if you don’t try to work towards success you will never whatsoever stride to new things. So what this is saying to do is not to lose ability to move on with your life. TR

What this quotation means to me is it’s telling me not to give up and also about that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and don’t never say “I can’t.” No one in this world is perfect, but you can do or be anything you want in life. It’s also telling me to move forward and accomplish all your goals to move on to new goals.. Also, if you make mistakes and you get consequences you learn new things. If you don’t learn new things you will never move forward with your life and succeed in a better life. KJ

Giving up your right to be wrong to someone will make you lose the ability because they would take advantage of you. When I gave up my right to a policeman, at court I got hit hard with a charge. It messed me up by me getting put in jail and going through a lot of unnecessary things. If this would of never happened, I would of probably played a smart way and move forward with my life. When I got out, I did the same again, thinking I wouldn’t get caught, and I got arrested again. Now that I’ve learned my lesson I will have a better life and go for my goals not doing stuff from the past. SR

It is saying that you should aim for your best and not do what you would do that would bet you in trouble. And do whatever floats your boat. And keep your mind on things that would help you in life. And if you do something wrong, move on with your life and learn from your mistakes. GB

To me that means to never give up. And that I should always be open to learn new things. I should have faith in myself. And to also let myself know that I’m wanting to learn new things. And I would like to learn new things and to go in the right direction. And it is also telling me that if I’m wrong to just say I’m wrong and move on with my life. AP


Another quote has been added to this writing assignment:
"I've failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." -- Michael Jordan , basketball legend

I agree because when you fail more than once it's never right to give up. The most important thing in life is to get back up and try again. In my life I failed in a lot of things that could have lead me in a negative way, but eventually I still haven't given up and I'm staying focused to moving up in life. Also, I want to correct all the things I failed in and try them. Those who fail and don't try again, don't ever succeed in life. JL

I done some things in my life that I had to learn from but some time I kept doing the same thing over and over until I saw I needed to stop and learn from it because if I don't, I am always going to get locked up. RA

This means to me that without mistakes you will not learn, and if you think you are perfect you are not realizing you're making mistakes so in that saying you are not learning. You should know that you made a mistake. No one can take that away from you so you are learning. GD

The quote means to me that if you don't make mistakes you won't learn so don't ever think because you make mistakes you are failing, because you are really learning. JP

Just try to succeed in life not try to be perfect. If you try to be perfect and try to get it all you will fail. Don't think you're too good to be wrong. Suck it up and take it. Broaden your horizons and open your eyes to new things. Always be good and keep on going to be the best you can be. We all need to make mistakes to learn the rights and wrongs. If you never make mistakes then you'll think you are so perfect. Don't think that making mistakes is really bad. NC

I think it means to keep your head up and don't never give up. If you never give up it will show that you have tried and you want to make something positive. I have to keep on trying to succeed because it does get hard and giving up shouldn't be an option. I believe anyone can do good and fail also but you have to keep on trying and trying over and over. SB

I think this journal topic means like that in order to be successful everything you do to achieve that goal doesn't have to be perfect cause nobody's perfect. And it also says that everybody's wrong sometimes and makes mistakes and we learn new things off of our mistakes and move on after them. JS

Think the quote is stating that if you think you're right all the time then you're not going to listen to what people have to say that might be right. The people who do this is an irrational thinker and has no chance for future success. That is why I can admit when I'm wrong and listen to the people that I think is or might be right. JA

Look to succeed in life. Even the small things. Don't try to make it perfect, just make it work, make it right, don't try to make it seem like you know everything and are perfect. Never be who you aren't, be who you are. You're not perfect until you are simply you. SS

When I come in a situation that is hard I don't care about doing the best that everybody has ever done. Just do it to have a good time and get done whatever you get done. If I took up too much time trying to be perfect I will drive myself crazy and will never get anything done. CH

I think that this quote is saying that give it all you can in life to make it successful but don't try to go through life without challenges because everybody makes mistakes in life. It's just you have to learn to get over the things that will hold you back. Just move forward and accept it as it comes and it will help you. BA

I means that it's okay to be wrong because everyone's human and mistakes is a part of life. We learn from the mistakes by knowing not to do it again and again. Some are worse than others, but even judges, police, even the government - things happen and no one is perfect but God. JP

I agree because it's saying it is alright to fail because when you fail it is not always a bad thing. You can learn from your mistakes and so the next time when you face that problem you can benefit. JS

What I think that means is that person wants you to be successful in life without having any major problems like getting charged for something you did. Also, he wants you to do good so you don't have to get into any trouble like breaking the law. Also, he wants you to learn from your mistakes and move on and do better this time without screwing up and doing stupid stuff. Also, doing good gets you good things; doing bad gets you bad things that you don't want to do or get caught for. Also, he's saying not to give up on yourself because you have the right to speak your opinion if they don't like it then tell them to leave. Also he is saying that if you make a wrong mistake/decision and you just throw everything you have to work for, that is just giving up because you got caught for something and don't care and you don't want to to a place that you never been before and don't like. WC

I agree because I do things that are not successful sometimes and I don't learn from. It makes me feel I am not moving forward with my life. I go for the success all the time but if it doesn't go out or come out the way I want it to be, I'm the type of guy that tells himself you need to do things right and start thinking what could happen if you don't. RA

In this world it's best to learn from your mistakes because it leads you to get far in life. Every time that I made a mistake I always thought that it was not wrong, but it took me a long time to realize it. When you give up and don't learn from your mistakes you will always do the same thing over again expecting a different result. Eventually the best thing to do is to learn from the mistakes that you made in life and don't do them again. The really important thing that matters is that you learn from what's right and wrong in life. JL

What it means to me is that what you do and that you are having difficulty on is that don't give up. For success, like anything, it says is to never give up your right. I'll never give up my right, it's meaning that you should stand for what's right to you, and what you going to go along with. Because if you give up on your right, you might get used to doing so, you might adjust to doing that and what it says i


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