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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A documentary about doing time on the outside
Director: Goro Toshima

Your blog entry for this week is to watch the documentary and write comments on how you feel the topic was handled.

Do you think the people in the documentary were victims of the prison/parole system? Explain why you think they were or weren’t.

Do you think the people in the documentary will ever be successful on the outside and not get locked up again? Why will the people in the film be successful or return to prison?

Do you think some of the experiences you have had were shown in this documentary? Describe your experiences

If you want to be successful when you are released from Loysville, what are you going to have to do?

People weren’t victims because they did what they did to get parole or prison, but they were a victim because they did their sentence and when they came home they had to worry about everything they did because of people [parole officer] wanting them to slip up.

If the people do or do not get locked back up again, that is all on them. Every person in this world has a choice and chance to change. It’s just up to them if they want to.

The experiences in the documentary are not necessarily similar to mine because I never got a parole or probation violation. But I did get locked up so it is a little similar.

I am going to have to watch who I hang out with and not be around negative situations. If I know something is going to happen I should just leave. HZ
The people in the documentary were not victims because they got more chances than I ever got and they don’t even do what they are told to so it’s their fault when they get locked up.

Most likely they will be back in cause they try to do what they are told to and they don’t change their ways. The Mexican dude is doing ok, but he may get killed living the gang life.

My experiences are similar because every time I get back out I come right back in. I am going to have to feed my mind right and chill with a different crowd. SS
Yes and no about the victims because it is your ption to take what they give you or not.

The people will or will not be successful if they want to change or don’t want to try to change.

My experiences are similar because I’ve been locked up.

I’m going to have to take care of my family and my daughter and get a real job if I want to be successful when I’m released from Loysville. HG
The people in the documentary were not victims. The reason they were punished was because of their actions and addictions.

The woman that was living with her daughter I think will not make positive decisions to set herself up for success. The man with the tattoos got a head on his shoulders and knows how to play his cards.

Yes, I have experiences like those shown in the documentary. I got in trouble for getting a dirty urine.

If I want to be successful when I am released from Loysville, I have to stay away from the negative part of my community and keep a positive outlook on things. JP


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