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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cultural History Month

This week’s blog topic was prompted by the comment on Black History Month in Munirah Chronicle.

What are your ideas and opinions about designating one month to a specific culture? Should there be a Black History Month? An Asian American History Month? A Hispanic American History Month?

* Munirah Chronicle
* Today in Black History


* "Once a year we go through the charade of February being 'Black
History Month.' Black History Month needs to be a 12-MONTH THING. When we all learn about our history, about how much we've accomplished while being handicapped with RACISM, it can only inspire us to greater heights, knowing we're on the giant shoulders of our ANCESTORS."

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Yes, I think it is important for those races to have their own holiday. I think it is for the best that it is one month at a time so we can recognize that specific race. I don’t know why they don’t have a white month, but it doesn’t matter. HZ

I think they should keep it like that because that month will be a time to remember things that happen years and years ago. These months, Black History, Hispanic, are all months that have something to do in the future. AF

I think a month to every culture will make everybody feel special having their own day. Like the Black History day means like when they give them the rights to vote or their freedom and also a day to make them feel like they have to feel or to have a day of celebration that day. And the Hispanic because if we get an amnesty day for illegal immigration so some of the Hispanics are allowed in America, that will be an unforgettable day. CA


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