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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What is Art?

Art is your imagination and also your character. Art is a way to escape the world that you are in and to enter an imaginary world. You can also define yourself through art and drawing. Art is a thing you have to be patient and let it come to you. Art is a beautiful thing. DR

I think art is your imagination of what you really care about and it is an image on what you like or what you and some one you love. Art is also a way you communicate with people you love and care about. KT

Art shows an emotion or a sight and brings character out and it can tell you things. And another one is you learn patience and passion if you put a lot too the picture and it relieves your mind and it opens your heart up. JG

Art is something beautiful that I like to draw and to see. JC

What is art? Art is something to look at. Art is good for a lot of people. I like art very good because it is good for me. A lot of people like art like me. You have to be a good drawer to be an artist. It takes a good artist to be as good as they can be. It takes communication to be a good artist. I know a lot of good artists. It takes a lot of ideas to be a very good artist. It takes a lot of writing and drawing to be the best artist in the world. JF

Art is a way of communicating. Art is used to express emotions. It is for people to be themselves. Art is a very unique way of communicating. You can draw, paint, and most of all use colors. NC

I think art is another way to communicate your thoughts in a non-verbal way. I feel this is a very good way of doing so. You can’t come off wrong to a person when you are drawing. You can also use art as a coping skill. When you are feeling a certain type of way you can draw and express your feeling on paper. You can draw and write a song or a poem. These are all parts of Art. BJ

I think art is something people use to describe their feelings. Also instead of taking them out in a negative way. Also art is a way to communicate with others . AS

Art is a way to express your emotions. Drawing shows how you feel. Using color is the way you feel too, like dark colors show upset or sadness. Light colors are happy. Art helps with many ideas with pictures and thinking. How ever you feel you could draw it out and show an expression. SR

Art is the way you express your self and it’s all about communication like talking, listening and things like doing projects. I like art. That’s what I think art is and doing projects you learn how to draw and stuff. DH

Art to me is how you feel about art and it helps people express their feelings and what they are seeing and how they admire the world. I like to express feelings in my art work. LR

Art is a way to communicate and to express your feelings. Using art can help you a lot with depression and sadness. Art can also help someone who is lonely and has no one to communicate with. My definition of art is depression therapy which helps me calm my nerves and keep me focused on the things I need to complete. KB

Art is a variety of many different things. Art could be music, painting, drawing, movies, sculptures, and animation. KS

What is art? Art is what people perceive. Everything is art because it is from someone’s perception/ There is no bad art, only opinions and points of view. MC

Art is a way to show how one feels. People use art in many ways. It can be used as a pastime or as a hobby and otherwise just enjoy art. There are lots of kinds of art. But I use art as a hobby and to show how I feel. It’s just something I like doing as well as many others. LF

Art is communication. Art is hard for me. Art is my best class. Art is fun to me. TJ

Art is communication and the way people show their feelings. Art’s special. Different people draw different things and different ways. I think art is wonderful and is a good way to talk without words. JP

Art to me is a way of expressing yourself and your feelings like dancing, drawing, painting, music, and cooking. Art to me is being creative with images and ideas you have. That’s what my definition of art means to me. DJ

Art is happy to do. It helps you stay focused. It clears your mind at bad times. It’s something to do when you are bored and I just like art because I like to draw. CS

Art is a happy thing to do and is lovely. You can make stuff you love and treasure so you should communicate with people and take your time to do your work. So do art. Art is good and quiet and is a good thing to do. So I love Art. DR

Art is a way of communicating. It uses drawings and shapes along with colors to express feelings and emotions. Different colors express different emotions. You can draw different things to portray certain messages. Art is more than just drawing and painting. It is a way of communication. TS


Blogger stewg said...

ART IS everything that you have said and more. To me Art is a window inside my soul, as well as a illusion that makes you believe and feel what I want you to.

Keep up the good work!

7:52 AM  

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